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AADC Automated Area Distribution Center    
AAFES Army and Air Force Exchange Service    
ABA American Banking Association    
ABC activity based costing    
abc group Automation and Bar Code Group    
ABMPS Automated Business Mail Processing System    
ACA After Contract Award    
ACA Associate Contractor Agreement    
ACDCS Air Contract Data Collection System    
ACE Advanced Computing Environment    
ACH Automated Clearing House    
ACS Address Change Service    
ADAPT Automatic Density Analysis Profile Technique    
ADC Area Distribution Center    
ADEPT Acquisition for Desktop Extended Processing Equipment    
ADP Automated Data Processing    
ADP Accountable Paper Depository    
ADSL Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line    
ADVANCE Advanced Mail Tracking & Reporting System for Standard Mail & Periodicals    
AEP Affirmative Employment Program    
AFCS-IJC Advanced Facer Canceller System InkJet Canceller    
AFP Association for Financial Professionals    
AIC Akaike Information Criteria    
AIIEPPS Automated Inbound International Expedited Product Processing System    
AIM Automatic Identification Manufacturers, Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA, USA)    
AIS Address Information Systems    
AK Alaska    
AL Alabama    
ALPS Automatic Log sheet Preparation System    
AM Ante Meridian    
AMC Airport Mail Centre    
AMF Airport Mail Facility    
AMF Airmail Field    
AMO Area Maintenance Office    
AMP Advanced Management Program    
AMS Address Management System    
AMS2 Address Management System phase 2    
AMS3 Address Management System phase 3    
AMTES Area Mail Transport Equipment Specialists    
AMU Address Management Unit    
ANK Attempted, Not Known    
ANSI American National Standards Institute, Inc.    
AOG Aircraft On Ground    
APARS Accounts Payable Accounting and Reporting System    
APC Automated Postal Center (USPS)    
APC Automated Processing Centres    
APMG Assistant Postmaster General    
APMG Associate Postmaster General    
APO Army Post Office    
APQC American Productivity & Quality Center