What does PGP mean?

PGP means Pretty Good Privacy (encryption)

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What is the abbreviation for Pretty Good Privacy (encryption)?

Pretty Good Privacy (encryption) can be abbreviated as PGP
What does PGP mean? It stands for Pretty Good Privacy (encryption)
PGP - Pretty Good Privacy (encryption) in Computing & IT by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having PGP

Drunk and single. #PGP

"Wait, people get Columbus Day off?" #PGP

lot of security folks already saying this but deserves an echo: Look into downloading Signal for secure comms, and educate yourself on PGP.

Canadian judge says using PGP-encrypted phones doesn't make you a criminal

'Hey Arnold' debuted 20 years ago today. #PGP

Plus the @EFF - as I've been preaching for years digital rights are the new gun rights. PGP > Musket against tyranny

There's no way I'll be up late enough to see the end of the VMAs. #PGP

Every company has a Melissa. #PGP

Having jury duty. #PGP

Super Mario coming to the iPhone is the worst thing to happen to office productivity since GChat. #PGP

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The one thing we all binge-watch Sunday after Sunday. #PGP

Even the greats eventually sell out. #PGP

. @kiserene finished annotating her portrait with a PGP encrypted message

If anyone cares to short-circuit this whole #StateCapture circus, my PGP fingerprint is CF74 7B0F F037 ACB9 779C 902B 793C 8781 4548 D165

Wer am Mac auf @GPGTools setzt, sollte mit dem Update auf #macOSSierra noch warten. #PGP

Besides a Tor browser and Signal, consider - keeping a Tails live cd/usb stick/vm around: setting up PGP for email

If you're in India, work in a tech company and want to reach out to me with a tip, mail me at pranav.dixit@buzzfeed.com. PGP: DM

"Here's the PGP key to my heart." "This is not Valentine's Day gift I was hoping for this year."

And here is my keybaseio with verified PGP signature:


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What does PGP stand for?
PGP stands for "Pretty Good Privacy (encryption)".
How to abbreviate "Pretty Good Privacy (encryption)"?
"Pretty Good Privacy (encryption)" can be abbreviated as PGP.
What is the meaning of PGP abbreviation?
The meaning of PGP abbreviation is "Pretty Good Privacy (encryption)".
What is PGP abbreviation?
One of the definitions of PGP is "Pretty Good Privacy (encryption)".
What does PGP mean?
PGP as abbreviation means "Pretty Good Privacy (encryption)".
What is shorthand of Pretty Good Privacy (encryption)?
The most common shorthand of "Pretty Good Privacy (encryption)" is PGP.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word PGP in term.