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Look through 228 acronyms and abbreviations related to Unix commands:

...d daemon (e. g. inetd = internet daemon)    
...wm window manager    
adb advanced debugger    
AR Archiver    
AS Assembler    
atob ASCII TO Binary conversion    
BASH Bourne Again Shell    
bc Basic Calculator    
BSH Bourne Shell    
btoa Convert Binary TO ASCII    
c89 1989 (ANSI/ISO-)C compiler    
CAL Calendar    
CAT Concatenate    
CB C-Beautifier    
CC C Compiler    
CCS Common Comand Set    
CHGRP Change Group    
CHMOD Change Mode    
CHOWN Change Owner    
chsh change shell    
CI Check In    
CLEM Class List E-Mail    
CMP Compare    
CO Check-Out    
COMM Common    
cp Copy Propagation    
cp Copy Protect    
CP Copy Protection    
cp Copy and Print    
cp Copy Pool    
cp Copy Pasta    
cp Copy Part    
CP Copy (Unix command)    
CP Copyright problems    
cp Copy-Paste    
cpio copy (archive files) in and out (of an archive)    
CPP C Preprocessor    
cron Chronos    
CSH C Shell Programming    
CSHRC C Shell Run Commands    
CURL Client URL Request Library    
DBX Extended Debugger    
DC Desk Calculator    
DF Disk Free    
DIFF Difference    
diff3 differences of three files    
dirname directory name    
DU Disk Usage    
ED Editorial Division    
ed Editor display