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2S2D Double-Sided Double-Density    
2VPCP Two-Version Priority Ceiling Protocol    
3DES Triple Data Encryption Standard    
3DESE Triple Data Encryption Standard Encryption    
3DESEP Triple Data Encryption Standard Encryption Protocol    
AA Awaiting Activation    
AA Auto-Answer    
AAA Authentication, Authorization, and Accountability    
AAAA Authentication, Authorization, Auditing, and Accounting    
AAI Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure    
AAIP Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure Project    
AAL Access Activity Log    
AAPR Advanced ARJ (Archived by Robert Jung) Password Recovery    
ABP AdBlock Plus    
ABS Anti-Blockier-System    
ABS Active Battery Security    
ABU Analog Backup    
AC Access Control    
ACCE Advanced Configurable Crypto Environment    
ACE Assured Computing Environment (VMware)    
ACE Access Control Entry    
ACES Army Communication Encryption System    
ACF Access Control File    
ACFA Access-Control Framework Access    
ACFT Advanced Computer Forensic Techniques    
ACFTT Advanced Computer Forensic Techniques Training    
acid Analysis Console for Incident Databases    
ACID Anti-Copying In Design    
ACIT Advanced Countermeasures for Insider Threats    
ACMP Access Control Management Program    
ACPI Advanced Configuration and Power Interface    
ACRU Active Confirmed Registered User    
ACS Accredited Certification Scheme    
ACS Authenticated Content Signing    
ACS Access Control System出入控制系统    
ACT Access Coordination Team    
ACU Access Control Unit    
ADFT Advanced Digital Forensic Techniques    
ADG Advanced Data Guardian    
ADHOC Associated Destructive Hackers Of Columbia    
ADK Additional Decryption Key    
ADMS Advanced Distributed Monitoring System    
ADPSO Automatic Data Processing Security Officer    
ADPSP Automatic Data Processing Security Plan    
ADPSSO Automatic Data Processing System Security Officer    
ADSS Access Decision Support Services    
ADT Ant Detection Technology    
ADT Advanced Development Tool    
AERN Advanced EAS (Emergency Alert System) Relay Network    
AES Advanced Encryption Standard