What does DRM mean?

DRM means Digital Rights Management

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What is the abbreviation for Digital Rights Management?

Digital Rights Management can be abbreviated as DRM
Other shorthands for Digital Rights Management are: DRM, DRM, drm, drms
What does DRM mean? It stands for Digital Rights Management
DRM - Digital Rights Management in Governmental & Military by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having DRM

That's a TOUCHDOWN for @drm_12!


A big DRM-free PC sale has begun on GOG.

The @ShadowWarrior 2 devs' stance on DRM makes a whole lot of sense.

Shadow Warrior 2 developers say DRM is a waste of time by @KyleOrl

(PCDD) Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen (DRM: Steam) $11.99 via Green Man Gaming.

Sample Focus lets you create block-rocking beats with DRM-free samples

Three more EA games have dropped DRM on PC for the GOG release.

The new version of the Brave browser lets you watch Netflix without DRM, breaking Google's DRM for a lawful purpose:

@RailMinIndia @drm_moradabad PNR:2223869604,TRAIN:12055,DOJ:20-10-16,CC,NDLS-DDN, C4 30.

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@sr_dme @RailMinIndia @rsingh4u @drm_moradabad @IR_EDMECHG the TTE denied having complaint book even after reminders . Enquiry requested

@sr_dme @RailMinIndia @rsingh4u @drm_moradabad @IR_EDMECHG finally provided one book now after 1 hour 40 minutes

Marc "Half-Life" Laidlaw's gonzo cyberpunk is back in DRM-free ebooks

(PCDD) Alien: Isolation Collection (DRM: Steam) $11.49 via Bundle Stars.

New @brave 0.12.7 browser gets Google's Widevine DRM, so you can watch @netflix video now.

Game developers say no to DRM: "hurts our customers"

(PCDD) Typing of the Dead: Overkill (DRM: Steam) $4.99 via GameStop.

(PCDD) Condemned: Criminal Origins (DRM: Steam) $3.73 via GameStop.

@CurtMaggitt @drm_12 go back to sleep fam... rough day for the Vols


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What does DRM stand for?
DRM stands for "Digital Rights Management".
How to abbreviate "Digital Rights Management"?
"Digital Rights Management" can be abbreviated as DRM.
What is the meaning of DRM abbreviation?
The meaning of DRM abbreviation is "Digital Rights Management".
What is DRM abbreviation?
One of the definitions of DRM is "Digital Rights Management".
What does DRM mean?
DRM as abbreviation means "Digital Rights Management".
What is shorthand of Digital Rights Management?
The most common shorthand of "Digital Rights Management" is DRM.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word DRM in term.