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3d Ddi 3d Device Dependent Interface    
3dddi 3d Device Dependent Interface    
AAF Advanced Authoring Format    
AATP Authorized Academic Training Program    
ACE Access Control Entry    
ACL Access Control List    
ACL Access Compatibility Layer    
ACPI Advanced Configuration and Power Interface    
ACT Application Compatibility Toolkit    
AD Active Directory    
ADC Advanced Data Control    
ADE Access 2003 Developer Extensions    
ADMT Active Directory Migration Tool    
ADO ActiveX Data Objects (Microsoft)    
ADO.NET ADO for .NET    
ADS Active Directory Service    
ADS Automated Deployment Service    
ADSI Active Directory Service Interface    
ADT Access Developer's Toolkit    
AERO Authentic, Energetic, Reflective, Open    
AFC Application Foundation Classes    
AIS Application Information Service    
APIPA Automatic Private IP Address    
AS Authentication Service    
AS Advanced Server    
ASA Active Server Application    
ASC Authorized Support Center    
ASF Advanced Streaming Format    
ASR Automated System Recovery    
ASSUME Association of Statistics Specialists Using Microsoft Excel    
ATC Authorized Testing Center    
ATEC Authorized Training and Education Center    
BAML Binary Application Markup Language    
BAPCo Business Application Performance Corporation    
BAPI Biometric Application Program Interface    
BCL Base Class Library    
BDC Business Data Catalog    
BDC Backup Domain Controller    
BDD Business Desktop Deployment    
BHO Browser Helper Objects    
bing Bing Is Not Google    
BING But It's Not Google    
BITS Background Intelligent Transfer Service    
CAL Client Access License    
CAML Collaborative Application Markup Language    
CAPI Cryptographic API    
CAPICOM Cryptographic API for COM    
CAS Code Access Security    
CBF Code Behind Form    
CC Country Code