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a&a Acquisition & Assistance    
AA Assistant Administrator    
AAD Activity Appraisal Document, Activity Approval Document    
AAR Application Architecture Review    
ACA Agency Contracted Audit    
ACTS Agency Correspondence Tracking System    
ACV Administrative Control Violation    
AD Active Directory    
ADA Anti-Deficiency Act    
ADB Asian Development Bank    
ADS Automated Directives System (USAID)    
AFDB African Development Bank    
AG Auditor General    
AG Attorney General    
AIDS Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (see also SIDS and HIV)    
AIDW USAID Washington    
AIMS Automated Information Management System    
AIMS Audit Information Management System    
AMS Administrative Management Staff    
AMU Arab Maghreb Union    
AO Agreement Officer    
AO Assistance Objective    
AO Action Office    
AOR Agreement Officer's Representative    
AOTR Agreement Offficer's Technical Representative    
APC Audit Performance & Compliance Division    
APC Assignments and Performance Counselor    
APEX Application Express    
API Application Programming Interface    
ARR Application Requirements Review    
arra American Reinvestment and Recovery Act's    
ART Antiretroviral Therapy (HIV)    
ARV Associative Remote Viewing    
ASEAN Association of Southeast Asian Nations    
ASF Animal source foods    
ASHA Office of American Schools and Hospitals Abroad    
ASIST Agency Secure Image and Storage Tracking    
ASP Active Server Page    
ATS Audit Tracking System    
AU African Union    
BCC Behavior Change Communication    
BCCS Business Consulting & Client Services division    
BFS Bureau for Food Security    
BI Bureau of Investigation    
BIE Business Infrastructure Engineering division    
BIMC Beltsville Information Management Center    
BOE Business Objects Enterprise    
BPD Business Process Development    
BPM business process management