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A Anchor    
a Archive    
A/UX Apple Unix    
Aacute A with accent acute    
Acirc A with accent circonflexe    
ACK Acknowledge (telecommunications; Cf. NAK)    
adb advanced debugger    
Aelig AE ligature    
Agrave A with accent grave    
AIX Advanced Interactive Executive (IBM)    
ALT Alternative Lengthening of Telomeres    
ANSI American National Standards Institute, Inc.    
AR Archiver    
ARP Address Resolution Protocol (ATM)    
arpa Advanced Research Project Agency's    
AS Assembler    
ASCII American National Standard Code for Information Interchange    
ATOB ASCII to Binary    
ATOF ASCII to Float    
ATOI ASCII to Integer    
Auml A with umlaut    
AWK Aho, Weinberger, Kernighan    
B Bold Text    
BASH Bourne Again Shell    
bc better calculator    
BEL Bennett Environmental, Inc. (stock symbol; formerly the symbol for Bell Atlantic)    
BG Background    
biff not an acronym    
bin binaries    
BOOTP Bootstrap Protocol    
BR Break    
BRK Break    
BS Backspace    
BSD Berkeley Software Distribution    
bsearch binary search    
BSH Bourne Shell    
BTOA Binary to ASCII    
C Centum    
C Center    
C Cent    
C Cell    
C Century    
C Centavo    
C Cessna    
C Close    
c89 1989 C compiler    
CAL Calendar    
calloc cleared allocation    
CAN Cancel    
CAT Concatenate