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" inch    
" Ditto    
# Number    
# Pound    
& Ampersand    
2-PSS Two-Part Polysulfide Sealant    
2-PUMS Two-Part Polyurethane Modified Sealant    
@ at    
A Ampere    
A Area    
a Areal    
A Acre    
a Alcove    
AB Asbestos Board    
AB Anchor Bolt    
ABV Above    
AC annual closing    
AC Acoustical    
AC Alternating Current    
ACC Accessory    
ACF Architectural Concrete Finish    
ACFL Access Floor    
ACI American Concrete Institute    
ACL Across the Line    
ACOUST Acoustical    
ACPL Acoustical Plaster    
Acr acrylic    
ACST Acoustic    
act Acoustic Ceiling Tile    
ACT Actual    
AD Area Drain    
AD Access Door    
Ad Article Continues Below    
ADA Americans With Disabilities Act Of 1990 (Text Of ADA Legislation)    
ADAAG Americans with Disabilities Act Architectural Guidelines    
ADD Addition    
ADD Addendum    
ADDL Additional    
ADH Adhesive    
ADJ Adjust    
AF Above the Floor    
AFF Above Finished Floor    
AGA American Gas Association    
AGG Aggregate    
Aggr Aggregate    
AIA American Insurance Association    
AIA American Institute of Architecture    
AIC Amperes Interrupting Circuit    
AIEE American Institute of Electrical Engineers    
AISC American Institute of Steel Construction, Inc.