What does ADD mean?

ADD means Addition

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What is the abbreviation for Addition?

Addition can be abbreviated as ADD
Other shorthands for Addition are: addtl, ADDL, ADDN, ADL, ADDNL, addt, a, Add, DNA, À
What does ADD mean? It stands for Addition
ADD - Addition in Business & Finance by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having ADD

If you're upset it's probably just best to stay off social media right now. It's just as easy to be stressed as it is to add to it

Florida always wanna add suspense to every damn election lol

Netflix needs to add a "random" button for the times idk what to watch

.@javy23baez! GONE! @Cubs add another in the 5th: #WorldSeries pres. by @TMobile

Donald Trump is about to become the @GOP nominee for president. Add your name if you won't let him win:

One more story to add to the legend - Kabali collections! Hats off @superstarrajini

How do you make @HawkeyeFootball's upset even better? Set it to music, add radio calls and throw in some slomo.

And I'd like to add, I dream of Pro-Life signs that no longer read, "Abortion is Murder," but instead, read, "I will adopt your child."

Drake wrote his mom a note apologizing for his eBay addiction

But when will @PokemonGoApp allow you to add friends and see them walking your map

More Comments with ADD...

If you add years the Cubs are taking off my life to the years election is taking off my life, I passed away during the Carter administration

It looks as if we need to add Sen. Mark Kirk to my proposed documentary TV series, "When White Guys Snap"

Vice President-elect Mike Pence wants to hide one of his emails. And he's going to court over it. Nothing to add.

I cannot believe I'm watching the #Cubs celebrate a World Series. Maybe next year, we add some orange #LGM

The #Dolphins deal for Arian Foster is 1-year, per @MikeMcCartney7. Miami had been trying to add a veteran presence & more competition at RB

Ive said before: never underestimate the power of racism and sexism. And i will add classism as well. #ElectionNight

You out on the frontlines today supporting standing rock?! add to the #NoDAPLplaylist to stay grounded! #NoDAPL

This is my new campaign calling on FBI Director Comey to resign. Please add your name:

He's all decked out in the nautical scarf, and he's ready to add to the list... #RAW @IAmJericho


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does ADD stand for?
ADD stands for "Addition".
How to abbreviate "Addition"?
"Addition" can be abbreviated as ADD.
What is the meaning of ADD abbreviation?
The meaning of ADD abbreviation is "Addition".
What is ADD abbreviation?
One of the definitions of ADD is "Addition".
What does ADD mean?
ADD as abbreviation means "Addition".
What is shorthand of Addition?
The most common shorthand of "Addition" is ADD.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word ADD in term.