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!WXT The FLOAT device-independent X coordinate of the right edge of the plot window    
!WYB FLOAT device-independent Y coordinate of the bottom of the plot window    
!WZT FLOAT device-independent Z coordinate of the top edge of the 3D plot window    
.NL. Not Less Than    
1GL First Generation Language (Machine Language)    
2GL Second Generation Language (Assembly Language)    
3GL Third Generation Language    
4GL Fourth Generation Language    
AA Acquired Attributes    
AAA ASCII Adjust after Addition    
AAD ASCII Adjust before Division    
AAD Alter All Data    
AAM ASCII Adjust after Multiply    
AAO Add and Overflow    
AAS ASCII Adjust after Subtraction    
AB Always Blur    
ABA Add B To A    
ABW Array Bounds Write    
AC Align Centre    
AC Alternate Character    
ACBL Add Compare and Branch Longword    
ACE ASCII Compatible Encoding    
ACP ANSI Code Page    
ACQT Advance Clock to Quitting Time    
ACR Advanced Code Reconstruction    
ACR Alternate Conditional Request    
ACS Alternate Character Set    
ACS Active Character Select    
ADC Add With Carry    
ADD Addition    
ADF Automatically Defined Function    
ADIW Word-wide Addition    
ADIW Add Immediate Word    
AF Advanced Functions    
AF Address Family    
AFF Add Fudge Factor    
AFHB Align Fullword on Halfword Boundary    
AFI Application Field Identifier    
AFI Authority and Format Identifier    
AFP Abnormalize Floating Point    
AIS ASCII Individual Stream    
AIS Add Immediate to Stack pointer    
AL Assembly Language    
ALAT Advanced Load Address Table    
ALT Assembly Line Type    
AMC Archives And Manuscripts Collections    
AML ARC Macro Language    
AML ACPI Machine Language    
AMM Add Mayo and Mustard    
AND Logical AND