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Look through 160 acronyms and abbreviations related to Optometry:

A/V Arteriole–venue ratio    
AAO American Academy of Optometry    
AC Anterior Chamber    
AC Accommodative Convergence    
ACC Accommodation    
Ad Advised    
ADD Addition    
AIT After-Image Transfer    
alt sot Alternating Esotropia    
ALT XOT Alternating Exotropia    
AOF American Optometric Foundation    
AOSA American Optometric Student Association    
APOA American Pre Optometric Association    
ARC Anomalous Retinal Correspondence    
ASCO Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry    
BC Base Curve    
BE Both Eyes    
BIO binocular indirect ophthalmoscopy    
BOZD Back Optic Zone Diameter    
BOZR Back Optic Zone Radius    
BSV Binocular Single Vision    
BV Binocular Vision    
bvd back vertex distance    
BVP Back Vertex Power    
C/D Cup–disc ratio    
c/u Check-Up    
CAO Connecticut Association of Optometrists    
CD Centration Distance    
CF Count fingers vision – state distance    
CLAPC Contact Lens Associated Papillary Conjunctivitis    
CLARE Contact Lens Associated Red Eye    
CLPU Contact Lens Peripheral Ulcer    
CoA California Optometric Association    
COOA China Optometric Optical Association    
COPE Council on Optometric Practitioner Education    
COVD College of Optometrists in Vision Development    
CT Cover Test    
ctos Central Texas Optometric Society    
CW Close Work    
d Dioptres    
DC Dioptres cylinder    
DCOS Dallas County Optometric Society    
DNA Did Not Attend    
DS Dioptres Sphere    
DV Distance Vision    
DVD Dissociated Vertical Divergence    
DW daily wear    
ef eccentric fixation    
EW extended wear    
EXOP Exophoria