What does ADD mean?

ADD means Address

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What is the abbreviation for Address?

Address can be abbreviated as ADD
Other shorthands for Address are: ADDY, ADR, ADDR, a, aa, ADS, ad, À, ADRS
What does ADD mean? It stands for Address
ADD - Address in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having ADD

If you're upset it's probably just best to stay off social media right now. It's just as easy to be stressed as it is to add to it

Ben Simmons puts on 33 lbs, now a broken foot. Related? For sure. Athletes can't add that much weight that quickly w/out impacting movement.

The Electoral College is like the NFL. They don't add your total points together at the end of the season, they count the games you won.

Facebook Live in 30mins! #AllNightVampsMatoma Add us on Musical.ly - thevamps.ly

Just like you had Ambassador Stevens' back? How many requests for add'l security were denied or ignored again?

Recipe for sexiness: just add water. ShakHQ

.@javy23baez! GONE! @Cubs add another in the 5th: #WorldSeries pres. by @TMobile

Earlier today on the SNL @Snapchat with @twentyonepilots. Add us for more:

Let's add an old-timey word into our vernacular. My pick: bamboozle. 'He opened the door for me, then took my cab! I've been bamboozled!'

Check out what happened when @HectorBellerin met @steveaoki on our @Snapchat... Add OfficialAFC

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#AWANInews 15-year-old girl begins campaign to add hijab emoji

I'm gunna play a snippet from Chixtape 4 on snapchat in exactly 7 minutes "TheArgyFargo" on snap ... ADD QUICK Ima delete it shortly after

.@MarkRuffalo-a good actor (Now You See Me was great) whose arrogant condescending video will add votes to GOP. Thx!

Another powerful memory to add to the collection in the mythical stadium. Well done MAB.Such class and respect.

Vice President-elect Mike Pence wants to hide one of his emails. And he's going to court over it. Nothing to add.

What you want and what's realistic sometimes don't add up. be patient, stay focused, don't get lost and it will all work out

Giuliani is in the running for Attorney General so please add ~30 minutes to your commute for a complimentary stop-and-frisk, black people!

Is Tajae Sharpe available in your fantasy league? If the Titans WR is, here's why you should add him for Week 2

If you add in his 2015 World Championship performance...Crosby has won 25 in a row wearing a Canada jersey.


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does ADD stand for?
ADD stands for "Address".
How to abbreviate "Address"?
"Address" can be abbreviated as ADD.
What is the meaning of ADD abbreviation?
The meaning of ADD abbreviation is "Address".
What is ADD abbreviation?
One of the definitions of ADD is "Address".
What does ADD mean?
ADD as abbreviation means "Address".
What is shorthand of Address?
The most common shorthand of "Address" is ADD.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word ADD in term.