What does VGC mean?

VGC means Very Good Condition

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What is the abbreviation for Very Good Condition?

Very Good Condition can be abbreviated as VGC
What does VGC mean? It stands for Very Good Condition
VGC - Very Good Condition in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having VGC

Pokemon VGC Worlds '16 Masters top cut: 12 USA 5 Germany 2 Great Britain 1 Argentina 1 Hong Kong 1 Korea 1 Portugal 1 Australia #PlayPokemon

Please dont let Ultra Beasts be VGC legal Please dont let Ultra Beasts be VGC legal Please dont let Ultra Beasts be VGC legal Please dont le

Top 8 VGC Worlds: @NBUnreality vs. @13Yoshi37 @AzazelVGC vs. @WolfeyGlick @MeninoJardim vs. @BillaVGC @bazandersonvgc vs. @EzraelVGC

When you tell people you like VGC '16

I am super worried about the future of VGC if the increased entry fees we're seeing this season continue to stick around.

Saw the story of the woman who was stabbed by her security guard in VGC. Sad stuff o. Pls let's contract jobs like this to security outfits

I wish you could reasonably do both TCG and VGC - I would love to mess around with the card game more

[8:32AM] @TransOceana: IKOTA SHOPPING COMPLEX to VGC roundabout is G2G at this time @Gidi_Traffic #GIDITRAFFIC

[8:48AM] @TransOceana: IKOTA SHOPPING COMPLEX to VGC is a good movement @Gidi_Traffic #GIDITRAFFIC

[8:50AM] @TransOceana: VGC Bus-stop to MEGA CHICKEN >>> IKOTA bridge is flowing smoothly at this time @Gidi_Traffic #GIDITRAFFIC

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#DriveTimeShowWithChrisDrazor - NP - @iamhotyce - 10 O'clock in VGC

Np-10 O'Clock in VGC; @iamhotyce Cc @Raezy937 #RapKulture

Who is going to socialiga from VGC and needs a free ride? Do halla

#AfterDarkkWithChrisDRazor - NP - @iamhotyce - 10 o'clock in VGC

Np- 10'O'Clock In VGC - @iamhotyce #MidDayShowWithOsi

God bless the NorthWest Filling station near VGC. It is still selling old stock at 86 naira

Decentralize this power generation thing. Let areas have their own discos. Say Chevron supplying to Jakande, Sangotedo down to VGC

@Verliswolf didn't u lie about VGC placings to make yourself look credible with your hax mons? And there's nothing wrong with getting money

NP-10 o'clock in VGC; @iamhotyce cc @TheBigtyme @DeejayKLM @lamchopsvintura #AfternoonDrive #FaajiFriday


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does VGC stand for?
VGC stands for "Very Good Condition".
How to abbreviate "Very Good Condition"?
"Very Good Condition" can be abbreviated as VGC.
What is the meaning of VGC abbreviation?
The meaning of VGC abbreviation is "Very Good Condition".
What is VGC abbreviation?
One of the definitions of VGC is "Very Good Condition".
What does VGC mean?
VGC as abbreviation means "Very Good Condition".
What is shorthand of Very Good Condition?
The most common shorthand of "Very Good Condition" is VGC.