What does SPK mean?

SPK means Speak

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What is the abbreviation for Speak?

Speak can be abbreviated as SPK
Other shorthands for Speak are: STS, SOW, S2S, ts
What does SPK mean? It stands for Speak
SPK - Speak in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having SPK

Today a washout of #parliament. i cudnt spk in bcoz #congress didnt allw Debate on #demonetization n #BlackMoney dspite asking for it yday!

AIMPLB a totally unconstitutional body pretending to spk for all Muslims. Pushback must come from within community

Am more liberal since. I spk my mind, engage with others. Not dismiss them with disdainful labels & hide in a bunker

As we shift policy to engagement, US will cont to spk out vs #Cuba rts abuses as I did explaining US abstention @UN:

Yes i will spk on #DeMonetisation tmrw!

Watch The Rated Awards yellow carpet stars spk to us @SholaAma @ChamsFace4music @ageofluna @EddieKadi @ArnoldOceng

Reasonable request 2 tweet in french 4 francophone #Africa coz i spk it, will try it's hard i think in shona 1st, then english, then french

Proud 2 spk on @housefloor recognizing @JCSSFL that will be delivering its 10,000th meal to homebound seniors

Karkare was a fine cop, no leftist. His wife's was a BJP family. Sadly she passed away too, so I decided to spk up for him: Ribeiro #Wtt

@narendramodi ji says in #LokSabha let #women parliamentarians spk on 8 th march Let first time Mps speak @PMOIndia

More Comments with SPK...

Brave of u to spk sense, so hazardous now. Forces r 1.5 mill ppl like us, mostly well behaved, rare few bad eggs too

Only reason NGT gv permission to this event because the preparation were in final stage. Did u spk even once earlier

#DenimDay is a reminder - we must stand together to prevent sexual violence & help survivors feel safe to spk out.

I am handing my last LP in to my American label this week. It'll be up to them if its released.I don't have visa 4 states to promote or spk!

Congratulations @SadiqKhan 4 being elected mayor of London.remember he & I spk @SalmaanTaseer memorial.British Pakistanis need +ve rolemodel

Marine Unit wld like 2 spk with man in wetsuit who left Pansh Kite at Ashbridges Bay similar 2 below 4168085800 ^ma

Living in fear/debt because of drugs? Spk 2 us in confidence operation.fortress@hampshire.pnn.police.uk #OpFortress

Nurettin Canikli: SPK, BDDK, TMSF'den Sorumlu

Trump, trade & the long view on the job market on the menu as we spk w/ @RichardTrumka at 6:15pm Paris time. #OECDwk


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What does SPK stand for?
SPK stands for "Speak".
How to abbreviate "Speak"?
"Speak" can be abbreviated as SPK.
What is the meaning of SPK abbreviation?
The meaning of SPK abbreviation is "Speak".
What is SPK abbreviation?
One of the definitions of SPK is "Speak".
What does SPK mean?
SPK as abbreviation means "Speak".
What is shorthand of Speak?
The most common shorthand of "Speak" is SPK.