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# Number    
# gauge    
# pounds    
# Fracture    
#NOF fracture to the neck of the femur    
.1 mcg 0.1 mcg    
/a before    
/c with    
/p after    
/s without    
2.0 mg 2 mg    
3TC Lamivudine    
5-FU 5-Fluorouracil    
5-HIAA 5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid    
5-HT 5-hydroxytryptamine, that is, serotonin    
5HIAA five hydroxy indole acetic acid    
5HTP five hydroxy tryptophan    
6MP 6-mercaptopurine    
< caused by    
< smaller than    
= Equals" or "Complete Transformation    
> larger than    
> causes    
@ each      
@ at    
a Apical    
A Artery    
A Adenosine    
a Assessment    
A Alanine    
A fib atrial fibrillation    
A flut atrial flutter    
A&O Aware and Oriented    
A&Ox3 alert and oriented, times 3    
A&Ox4 alert and oriented, times 4    
A&P Auscultation and Percussion    
A&P anterior posterior    
A&P assessment and plans    
a&ps Auxiliary & Plant Services    
A&W Alive and Well    
a-NVH asymptomatic non-visible haematuria    
A-T ataxia-telangiectasia    
A-V ArterioVenous    
a.a. amino acids:    
a.a. of each    
a.c. before a meal    
a.h. every other hour    
A.M. before noon    
a.p. before a meal