What does GOK mean?

GOK means God Only Knows

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What is the abbreviation for God Only Knows?

2 ways to abbreviate God Only Knows
God Only Knows can be abbreviated as GOK
Other shorthands for God Only Knows are: gokw
What does GOK mean? It stands for God Only Knows
GOK - God Only Knows in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having GOK

Ministry of Health internal auditor Bernard Muchehe insists Kenyans lost MONIES in dirty deals at AFYA HOUSE despite GOK protestations.

Ehm...... Ik gok dat ie een slechte dag heeft.

One year +, after a visit by the president to the innovation hubs, hubs have received ZERO support from GoK. #TransformingYouthKE

Hundreds of activists wearing red at Freedom corner, Uhuru Park ready to demonstrate over graft in GoK.

#uncensoredtalk Deadliest form of corruption starts as conflict of interest-government officials and their families doing business with GOK

"The questions I'm raising is NOT confined to MOH- this issue of misappropriation of FUNDS affect the entire GOK" Auditor Muchehe

The #Cauvery water relese will be now until 20th - instd of just one wk earlier! Just really sad to see wht a mess GoK s legal strgy is

You may find #KenWaMwangi got to KAA through the 'kikuyu only' employment policy that's perverse in Kenya's public/GOK sector. #Aptitude

Hey baby gal @NjeriThorne are you in your senses? You are basically advancing your own agenda. That ain't GOK agenda. #OpinionCourt

Unfortunately promises made by GoK are never delivered on time. Consider #TransformingYouthKE an investment to the next generation

More Comments with GOK...

Raila Odinga will Monday "reveal" what he claims is a "secret" World Bank funded GoK project that will turn parts of Kenya into a desert.

4. GOK went on the overdrive to avoid the incident being reported on local press. The DP was making 1st US trip

Thx for your leadership @CS_Kiunjuri. We @UN #Kenya are committed to partner with #GOK 2 deliver #SDGsKenya.

I hd opposd this yet anthr pro- builder move by GoK n wrote in July 21 - on July 22 -

Welcome @InteriorKE's decision on Dadaab extnsn, look 2 GOK 2 maintain global leadership role on refugees consistent w/ intn'l obligations.

5. Bomet Governor Isaac Rutto once asked why GOK was so keen to supply equipment to counties on LOAN as national government health (cont)...

.@therealgokwan to play DJ set at Halloween Ceilidh and Horror Ball next month

ICC refers Kenya to Assembly of State Parties saying GoK failed to comply with its obligations to cooperate in President @UKenyatta's case.

Again. Are you an unpaid AGPO supplier? Or have you failed to get GoK/County Govt tenders? Click here ->


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does GOK stand for?
GOK stands for "God Only Knows".
How to abbreviate "God Only Knows"?
"God Only Knows" can be abbreviated as GOK.
What is the meaning of GOK abbreviation?
The meaning of GOK abbreviation is "God Only Knows".
What is GOK abbreviation?
One of the definitions of GOK is "God Only Knows".
What does GOK mean?
GOK as abbreviation means "God Only Knows".
What is shorthand of God Only Knows?
The most common shorthand of "God Only Knows" is GOK.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word GOK in term.