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10TH FT 10th Floor Transfer - Dying (floor Number Is Always The Next Number On From The Highest Floor In The Hospital).    
3H Enema That Is "high, Hot, And A Hell Of A Lot." Reputedly Given To Patients Who Give Staff A Hard Time.    
3PS Pill, Permissiveness And Promiscuity (relates To Female Patients With Sexually Transmitted Disease)    
404 404 Moment. On Card Rounds - When A Patient's Medical Records Cannot Be Located (from Internet Error Message: 404 Page Not Found)    
45C Patient Is One Chromosome Short Of A Full Set (questionable IQ)    
4F Fair, Fat, Female And Forty OR Fat, Forty-ish, Flatulent Female (both Mean Abdominal Pain Patient Who Is Candidate For Gall Bladder Disease)    
4H (US) Haemophiliac, Hispanic, Homosexual, Heroin Addict    
5-H-1-T Polite Medical Term For Shit    
ADR Ain't Doing Right    
ae Aggressive Euthanasia    
AFUBR All Fucked Up & Beyond Repair    
AGA Acute Gravity Attack (fell Over)    
agmi Ain't Gonna Make It    
AHF Acute Hissy Fit    
ALC A La Casa (send The Patient Home)    
ALP Acute Lead Poisoning    
ALP185 Acute Lead Poisoning, 185 Grain Injection - 9mm Gunshot Wound    
ALP240 Acute Lead Poisoning, 240 Grain Injection 44 Calibre Magnum Wound    
ALPAC Acute Lead Poisoning Air-conditioned - Multiple Gun Shot Wounds    
ALS Absolute Loss Of Sanity (nutcase)    
AMYOYO Alright Motherfucker, You're On Your Own (seen In Head Injury Patients In Intensive Care)    
AOB Alcohol on Board    
APD Acute Prozac Deficiency (depression)    
APRS (US) Acute Puerto Rican Syndrome (bouts Of Screaming And Yelling)    
APTFRAN Apply Pillow To Face, Repeat As Necessary (for Annoying Patient)    
AQP Assuming the Q Position    
AQR Ain't Quite Right    
ART Approaching Room Temperature (dead)    
AST Assuming Seasonal Temperature    
ATD (US) Acute Tylenol Deficiency (simple Fever Or Head Cold)    
ATFO Asked To Fuck Off    
ATL Aff The Legs    
ATS Acute Thespian Syndrome    
awtb Away With The Birds    
AWTF Away with the Fairies    
b&t Bagged and Tagged    
B-52 Combined 5mg Of Haldol IV 2mg Of Ativan IV    
BBB Blood Brain Barrier    
BBCS Bumps, Bruises, Cuts And Scrapes (i.e. No Serious Injuries)    
BBLS Belly button Lint Sign    
BFF Big, Fat Faker    
BFH Brat From Hell (usually Accompanied By PFH - Parent(s) From Hell)    
BFH Big Fucking Head; Hydrocephalus As In A "FLK With A BFH" (can Be Metaphorical For Arrogant Consultant)    
BIT Burp In Transit (gas Seen In The Stomach On An Abdominal Film)    
BMT Bowel Movement Taco    
BMW Bitch Moan & Whine    
BOHICA Bend Over, Here It Comes Again    
bss Bilateral Samsonite Syndrome    
BTH Bury the Hatchet    
BTSOOM Beats The Shit Out Of Me