What does LOL mean?

LOL means Little Old Lady

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What is the abbreviation for Little Old Lady?

2 ways to abbreviate Little Old Lady
Little Old Lady can be abbreviated as LOL
Other shorthands for Little Old Lady are: LOL
What does LOL mean? It stands for Little Old Lady
LOL - Little Old Lady in Computing & IT by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having LOL

I hate when that happens lol

Remember y'all asses got played this year lol

Me: I'm happy right now. Life: lol one sec

these are the guys who are making america great again so dope to see much diversity and representatio..... lol

me: lol i'm not dramatic *someone doesn't reply for like a second* me: life goes on, with or without you

didn't you uh... didn't you run for president though lol

wow first time being no. 1 on real time search... thanks lol. and once again! there's nothing wrong with my health so don't worry!! :D

I see why the Lakers are playing so good, they're wearing the uniforms we used to wear with the "Showtime" Lakers! LOL

Florida always wanna add suspense to every damn election lol

I'm still 3rd on real time search. Whoa..weird lol Sorry I hid it/lied till now and thanks for all the love and support everyone! #BTOB

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. @oddlyjauregui I've got some time on my hands finally lol today was an intense day of rehearsals

. @reguisivan nooooo. i love you moreeeee !!! lol good seein ya

Cuddle Weather - isang discreet na paraan para sabihing malamig at nangangati ka. Lol

RT and sorry guys I stole this pic from you forgive me lol #EMABiggestFansJustinBieber

Democrats: lose election after calling everyone racist. Continues to call everyone racist. #stopbannon lol

remember burned CDs? LOL

Me: lol I don't believe in astrology, dumb lmao Me reading astrology tweets about my sign:

The Anderson's got tickets to the game? Lol

Thk u @people magazine for including me in the "Sexiest Man Alive Issue" ! Now I can stop having to remind my friends that I'm cool lol


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What does LOL stand for?
LOL stands for "Little Old Lady".
How to abbreviate "Little Old Lady"?
"Little Old Lady" can be abbreviated as LOL.
What is the meaning of LOL abbreviation?
The meaning of LOL abbreviation is "Little Old Lady".
What is LOL abbreviation?
One of the definitions of LOL is "Little Old Lady".
What does LOL mean?
LOL as abbreviation means "Little Old Lady".
What is shorthand of Little Old Lady?
The most common shorthand of "Little Old Lady" is LOL.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word LOL in term.