What does COOL mean?

COOL means Constipated Overweight Old Lady

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What is the abbreviation for Constipated Overweight Old Lady?

Constipated Overweight Old Lady can be abbreviated as COOL
What does COOL mean? It stands for Constipated Overweight Old Lady
COOL - Constipated Overweight Old Lady in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having COOL

I really wanna just smoke a few and watch sausage party w/ someone cool.

Glasgow!!!!! Tonight was so much fun. Thanks for singing 500 Miles!!! What a special moment. So cool.

I feel like Ethan's gonna be the type of dad that tries to be really cool around his kids one day

Dogs of Lucky Puppy daycare center in Michigan cool off on a hot day with a puppy pool party.

The cool thing about Trump is that he will ABSOLUTELY tweet the moment he finds out about aliens

This is not cool.

Cute guy: Is this seat taken? Me: (ok, play it cool) No. *smiles* Him: *takes chair away*

good night everyone . thank you for everything and being cool x

When it's #NBA opening night & Dame goes for a cool 39P, 9R, & 6 assists... #NBAGIF

Just be cool no one can tell (via u/bsarz on @RedditCFB)

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my pals released their 1st song together and they arent even killer clowns like wtf how cool check it out #TakingYou

I remember my teenage heart broke when I found out that gay people weren't inherently any more interesting or cool than straight people.

Glammed to just sit in my room it's cool

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It's going to be cool to see what the US would have been like if the Confederacy had won the war.

So cool! Thanks so much for supporting us for that long :) @ForeverStyles_ #VampsTourTix

I apologize for my last tweet....That sounded so much better in my head. It didn't sound as cool when I read it back to myself lmao


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What does COOL stand for?
COOL stands for "Constipated Overweight Old Lady".
How to abbreviate "Constipated Overweight Old Lady"?
"Constipated Overweight Old Lady" can be abbreviated as COOL.
What is the meaning of COOL abbreviation?
The meaning of COOL abbreviation is "Constipated Overweight Old Lady".
What is COOL abbreviation?
One of the definitions of COOL is "Constipated Overweight Old Lady".
What does COOL mean?
COOL as abbreviation means "Constipated Overweight Old Lady".
What is shorthand of Constipated Overweight Old Lady?
The most common shorthand of "Constipated Overweight Old Lady" is COOL.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word COOL in term.