What does cya mean?

cya means Cover Your Associates

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What is the abbreviation for Cover Your Associates?

Cover Your Associates can be abbreviated as cya
What does cya mean? It stands for Cover Your Associates
cya - Cover Your Associates in Common / Miscellaneous / Community by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having cya

Great to be back in LA . . Big few days coming up. Gona be fun. Didn't sleep on flight so I'm off to bed . Cya tomorrow

Comey's letter is pure CYA partisanship. Absolutely disgraceful. Get back to real choice:a racist misogynist vs. a committed qualified adult

When n #Brooklyn- eat a burger! #Wahlburgers @PassportFlave @worldofjohnny @ouimeansyes & Earl! CYA Thursday #BHLove

so if I'm reading this correctly, Comey admits to releasing a CYA statement *11* days before election. good grief

Bumgarner has finished 4/6/9/11th in CYA. 6 yrs as starter. What he does in the postseason is absurd compared to who he is as reg starter

wanna meet us, hang & WIN @nascar tickets ? RT this & follow @monstermile ! cya at the #citizensoldier400 on 10.2


I don't believe this for a moment. They didn't see it coming. This retrospective CYA.

EU is doomed... cya next year #Worlds

it's typical nfl cya, but also probably the best way to handle these things.

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So catch u guys live on Twitter in 15 min..cya!!

Fought with heart today..cya in the quarters!

once i sense bad vibes, I'm out. cya

Beat Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It was okay. I didn't find it to be amazing and the ending was kinda abrupt Cya guys tmrw for a reg stream!

Been getting tons of emails from girls who want advice about working in sports SO I'm doing a Live Q&A on Fbook THURS at 3pm! Cya there! :)

Dear South west monsoon winds - on behalf of India, would like to thank you guys very much for delivering this year ! Cya next year on time

@ColtHavok Friend, I just wanted to give you to have a test of your own medicine pal, I hope we can one day game again. Cya, Jerry.

Good stream dudes. Cya tomorrow for COD 4 Remastered on PC. :D

MANCHESTER @WHP_Mcr tonight with @MarcKinchen @Kdope50 and loads more..! Cya down the front x


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What does cya stand for?
cya stands for "Cover Your Associates".
How to abbreviate "Cover Your Associates"?
"Cover Your Associates" can be abbreviated as cya.
What is the meaning of cya abbreviation?
The meaning of cya abbreviation is "Cover Your Associates".
What is cya abbreviation?
One of the definitions of cya is "Cover Your Associates".
What does cya mean?
cya as abbreviation means "Cover Your Associates".
What is shorthand of Cover Your Associates?
The most common shorthand of "Cover Your Associates" is cya.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word cya in term.