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3HO Healthy, Happy, Holy    
50 CENT Always 50 Cents Short Of A Dollar    
6_S3_ 6 Empty Seats 3rd row    
848 848 is used to describe one who thinks out side of the box. A person with a dream big mentality.    
8055 Boss    
A About    
A4U Acronyms for You    
AAAAAAA All-American Association Against Acronym Abuse Anonymous :-)    
AAAAAAAAA All American Association Against Acronym And Abbreviation Abuse Anonymous    
AAAAAAAAAAAAA All Asian, African, American, And Australian Association Against Acronym And Abbreviation Abuse Anonymous    
AAADKTDA An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away    
AAAG Against Annoying Animated Gifs    
AABC Absolute Anime of Broward County    
AACF Atrium Acceptance Celebratory Facelift    
AAE Animal Alter Ego    
AAFES Another Attempt to Fool Enlisted Soldiers    
AAG Anime And Games    
AAMSU All Assam Missing Students Union    
AAO Assassin Alliance Organization    
AAR Anime Academy Radio    
AARGH All Accidents R Gonna Hurt    
AARON Ambitious Acronym Reading Outrageous Nut    
AAS Arrogance, Apostasy, and Stupidity    
AAT The Alliance Against Trolls    
AATO Acronyms Are Taking Over    
AB air brick    
AB$ All aBout money    
ABA Anything But Agriculture    
ABAP Absolutely Bogus Applications and Products    
ABATE Always Bring Alcohol To Events    
ABBR Any Black Bean Ranch?    
ABCDEFGHIJ A Bi-Cycling Dandy Excuse for Getting Hibernated in January    
ABD Anything But a Doctor    
ABEC Attention Brings Extra Crap    
ABGB Anyone But Gordon Brown    
ABH Anywhere But Here    
ABK Almighty Bad Killa    
ABL Another Boeing Layoff    
ABOUT All Beginning Of Us Talk    
ABSA All Butts Smell Association    
ABV Anyone But Vajpayee    
AC-130 AirCraft with 130 Caliber bullets    
ACAVE Always Craps Among Various Environments    
ACCOUNT Always Consider Cheating On Unexpected Nasty Tests    
ACE A Crappy Effort    
ACFA A Crazy Freaky Animal    
ACL Another Classless Laker    
ACLS Advanced Cow Life Support    
ACO A Crappy Observer    
ACOS Anti-Capitalist Operating System