What does QED mean?

QED means Quick Easy Dirty

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What is the abbreviation for Quick Easy Dirty?

Quick Easy Dirty can be abbreviated as QED
What does QED mean? It stands for Quick Easy Dirty
QED - Quick Easy Dirty in Common / Miscellaneous / Community by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having QED

They are terrorists being supported by some of your folks. Terrorists are meant to be eliminated. QED.

Get this fella, put him a truck full of farting pugs, take him to the LoC & gift him to the Pakistani troops. QED.

BREAKING! Carbon Monoxide and other Poisonous Gases were responsible for the Holocaust, not the Nazis. . QED

Not a single major company has posted any profits warning should there be Brexit which they are legally obliged to do. QED

Dozens of Tweets along the lines of "It WAS all about immigration, you lying moron!" All from Remainers. QED.

My hunch is that the United Kingdom will today vote to REMAIN in the EU as they should. QED.

And by the way I have attended six Olympic Opening Ceremonies as a private citizen having taken no goddamn favours from any joker! QED.

Fact: China, India & Israel each has one time zone. Fact: They've all had faster economic growth than US. QED: US should have one time zone.

Power lineup Sat night at QED in Astoria-

Sure you can. QED, that tweet.

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We need it. QED Ben Carson.

Uttar Pradesh: On QED question, the Yadav family friction carries on |

Uttar Pradesh: BJP denounces SP, QED alliance, says merger will worsen law and order

UP CM Akhilesh Yadav jolted again as gangster Mukhtar Ansari's QED merges with SP #UPpolls

In #Verdict2016 Congress picked up 2 seats in WB, 3 in TN, 8 in Puducherry. Lost 53 in Assam and 16 in Kerala. QED.

'Qed noffru Gvern differenti mibni fuq Politika Onesta.' #KunsillGeneraliPN2016

If Bartolo Colon can hit a home run in 2016, then an independent candidate can win the presidency in 2016. QED

#OnthisDay 1997: QED met relatives of Joseph Merrick better known as The Elephant Man.

2/2 Bitcoin price is going up because there are more buyers than sellers. Trend will reverse when there are more sellers than buyers QED


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What does QED stand for?
QED stands for "Quick Easy Dirty".
How to abbreviate "Quick Easy Dirty"?
"Quick Easy Dirty" can be abbreviated as QED.
What is the meaning of QED abbreviation?
The meaning of QED abbreviation is "Quick Easy Dirty".
What is QED abbreviation?
One of the definitions of QED is "Quick Easy Dirty".
What does QED mean?
QED as abbreviation means "Quick Easy Dirty".
What is shorthand of Quick Easy Dirty?
The most common shorthand of "Quick Easy Dirty" is QED.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word QED in term.