What does CLASS mean?

CLASS means Come Late and Start Sleeping

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What is the abbreviation for Come Late and Start Sleeping?

Come Late and Start Sleeping can be abbreviated as CLASS
What does CLASS mean? It stands for Come Late and Start Sleeping
CLASS - Come Late and Start Sleeping in Common / Miscellaneous / Community by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having CLASS

No matter what you think of Conor McGregor, this combination/finish is world class. #UFC205

I come from the white working class, and I am deeply humiliated that the Democratic Party cannot talk to the people where I came from.

BREAKING: Watch Michigan. Working-class turnout is looking much higher than expected. Trump may actually have a chance. #ElectionDay

#ImVotingBecause it's time to tell Donald Trump, the billionaire class and huge corporations that they are going to pay their fair share.

when you're actually trying to be a good student and do your work in class and your body hits you with

Tomorrow's election is 'The Political Class' vs 'We The People.' Please read and share my newest article.

Let me just say it: I despise Hillary. Watching her distort, pander, the class warfare, etc. ... so thoroughly deceitful and dishonest.

The Democratic Party has to stand with working people, feel their pain and take on the billionaire class, Wall Street and drug companies.

Not sure how a party supports healthcare, living wages, = pay for women & paid family leave yet is told it ignores the white working-class.

A historic step that benefits the poor, the middle class and the neo-middle class. #IndiaFightsCorruption

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"Pres-elect Trump's acting w/nothing but class & dems should follow how this man's conducting himself." @JudgeJeanine

People have got to know that the Democratic Party has the guts to stand up to powerful people whose greed is destroying the middle class.

On Hillary's side: - The media - Hollywood - Political class - Never Trumpers - Big banks - Big business Astounding Trump is still in it.

Political class has fallen far too readily for 'Brexit means Brexit'. Brexit means disaster and there needs to be greater fight against it.

How being anti-Hindu became fashionable among India's middle-class. My @mail_today column #Hinduphobia

We need a tax code that asks the wealthy, like Donald Trump, to pay their fair share and stop burdening the middle class.

Top of the class: @KrisBryant_23, @MikeTrout take home @officialBBWAA 2016 #MVP Awards:

Park Bo Gum captured listening attentively in class at his university!

Clinton admits she is out of touch with the middle class.


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What does CLASS stand for?
CLASS stands for "Come Late and Start Sleeping".
How to abbreviate "Come Late and Start Sleeping"?
"Come Late and Start Sleeping" can be abbreviated as CLASS.
What is the meaning of CLASS abbreviation?
The meaning of CLASS abbreviation is "Come Late and Start Sleeping".
What is CLASS abbreviation?
One of the definitions of CLASS is "Come Late and Start Sleeping".
What does CLASS mean?
CLASS as abbreviation means "Come Late and Start Sleeping".
What is shorthand of Come Late and Start Sleeping?
The most common shorthand of "Come Late and Start Sleeping" is CLASS.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word CLASS in term.