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A,S.A.P As Slow As Possible    
AAI Allah Already Informed    
ABC Always Be Careful    
ABCDEFG A Boy Can Do Everything For Girl, A Boy Continues Disappointing Every Faithful Girl    
ACRONYM A Clever Ruse Of Nudging Your Memory    
ACURA Another Crummy, Useless, Rotten Automobile    
ACURA Asia's Curse Upon Rural America    
Adidas All Day I Dream About Soccer    
ADIDAS All Dames In Denmark Are Sexy    
AI Allah Informed    
AIDS Additional Income for Dependants & Spouse    
ALARM A Loud And Ringing Machine    
AMC Another Major Catastrophe    
AMC A Morons Car    
AMC All Makes Combined    
AMC A Mutated Car    
AMC A Major Cost    
ANDROID Actually Nothing Distinct, Really Only Iphone Duplication    
APPLE Apple Prevents People from Leaving Earth    
ART Appealing Resultant Talent    
ASS Animal Strictly Speaking    
ATTARD Artistic,Talented,Thrustworthy And Really Dynamic    
audi Awfully Unsafe Designs Implemented    
AUDI Another Ugly Deutsche Invention    
AUDI Always Undermining Deutsche Intelligence    
AUDI Accelerates Under Demonic Influence    
AUDI Automobile Unsafe Designs, Inc.    
audi Automobile Under Demonic Influence    
AVATAR A Virtual Attempt To Attain Representation    
B.R.B Be. Ready. Bitch    
BEAVER Bustling Eager Amphibian Voraciously Enjoying Rivers    
BEE Buzzing Energetic Extractor    
BEER Bothersome Employer Elimination Rebooter    
BEER Beginning Enjoy, Ending Regret    
BELLE Beautifully Elegant, Lovable-Looking Entity    
BIEBER Believe In Everything, Because Everything is Reachable    
BIHAR Brilliant Intelligent Honest All Reverse    
BIMBO Best In Managing Bitches Only    
BITCH Beautiful Intelligent Talented Creative Honest    
Bitch Boys I'm Taking Charge Here    
BITCH Babe Inclined To Chatter Harmfully    
BITCH Babe In Total Control of Herself    
BITCH Boastful Individual That Creates Haters    
BITCH Beautiful Individual That Causes Hardons    
BITCH Beautiful Individual That Corrects Hoes    
BITCHES Beautiful Individuals That Can Handle Every Situation    
BLINGS Bloody Loose Idiot Nonsense Goose Stupid    
BLOG Broadcasted Learning Open-to-all Globally    
BMW Blasphemous Motorized Wreck    
BMW Bought My Wife