What does ALARM mean?

ALARM means A Loud And Ringing Machine

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What is the abbreviation for A Loud And Ringing Machine?

A Loud And Ringing Machine can be abbreviated as ALARM
What does ALARM mean? It stands for A Loud And Ringing Machine
ALARM - A Loud And Ringing Machine in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having ALARM


Tomorrow, set your alarm, make a plan & vote. It's the most important thing you do all year, besides that new thing you tried with your hair

Trump team considering "Muslim registry." Alarm bells not just ringing, but falling from sky & hitting you on head

His election isn't a fresh start; it's an alarm going off. Those of us hearing the alarm aren't the crazy ones. We just have ears.

Me when my alarm goes off and I actually have to get up...

As it has for years, NASA sounds alarm on climate change. Our Pres Elect is only major world leader who's a denier.

Set your alarm clocks. The mostly highly anticipated debated of the season is happening live TOMORROW from 8 - 9 a.m. ET on @CBSMiami.

Not to alarm you, but we all just heard @mishacollins' maniacal laughter from a back room of #GISHWHES HQ. That made even MY blood run cold.

"Hillary, I wanna get giant balloons to fall on us every morning. No more alarm clocks. Man, them balloons were awesome." - Bill Clinton

After the bombings, Clinton stressed her national security credentials and Trump sounded a note of furious alarm

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I legit set an alarm & refreshed the page 448 times til I was in & got my lip kit & gloss I'm STOKED @kyliecosmetics

Second alarm raised as water level of Marikina River reached to 16 meters at of 1:38 p.m. | @MarikinaPIO

When the morning alarm goes off #MondayMotivation #SeasonalSecrets

German Spy Chief Sounds Alarm About Russian Interference In Upcoming Election

Good - Today was such a long day. Finally home. Teeth brushed. Face washed. Alarm set. Crawling into bed. Who want to follow?

False Alarm! Katrina and Salman are NOT coming together for Koffee With Karan! - #KWK

Called my senators yesterday about Bannon. I think I'll set an alarm on my phone and make that call a weekly date.

Think we've all felt like this when the alarm goes off on a winter morning... #supervet

Calm down, alarm. We're up. #TheVoice


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What does ALARM stand for?
ALARM stands for "A Loud And Ringing Machine".
How to abbreviate "A Loud And Ringing Machine"?
"A Loud And Ringing Machine" can be abbreviated as ALARM.
What is the meaning of ALARM abbreviation?
The meaning of ALARM abbreviation is "A Loud And Ringing Machine".
What is ALARM abbreviation?
One of the definitions of ALARM is "A Loud And Ringing Machine".
What does ALARM mean?
ALARM as abbreviation means "A Loud And Ringing Machine".
What is shorthand of A Loud And Ringing Machine?
The most common shorthand of "A Loud And Ringing Machine" is ALARM.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word ALARM in term.

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