What does NASA mean?

NASA means No Aliens Seen Anywhere

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What is the abbreviation for No Aliens Seen Anywhere?

No Aliens Seen Anywhere can be abbreviated as NASA
What does NASA mean? It stands for No Aliens Seen Anywhere
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Comments having NASA

The moon passed between @NASA climate observatory and the earth. Almost unbelievable that this is a real photo

Congrats NASA!! Amazing accomplishment. Truly genius.....and pretty darn cool!!

Now that @NASAJuno is orbiting Jupiter, what do we hope to learn about the planet? Discover:

We plan to send humans to Mars. Apply for our #NASASocial on Aug 17-18 in LA & MS to see how

Just as starships blazed a trail on Star Trek, our shuttle Enterprise paved the way for @NASA exploration.

Peer into the core of a starburst galaxy, where new stars are springing to life @NASA_Hubble

Hello po sa inyo mam, ser. Kung naniniwala po kayo iboto niyo po ako. Nasa inyong kamay po ang pangarap ko. -Maymay #PBB2ndLuckySun

Jupiter down under! A never-before-seen view of Jupiter's south pole, spotted by @NASAJuno:

Midmorning sun seen in Greenland by our @NASA_Ice Bridge mission as it surveys polar ice:

Dwarf planet Ceres has many small, young craters, but no big ones. Why?@NASA_Dawn examines:

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Hurricanes like #Matthew are becoming more powerful as they pick up heat from warming oceans @NASA

This NASA astronaut voted from space

LIVE NOW: Discover more about @NASAWebb, our next generation space telescope. Questions? Use #askNASA

Explore the Asteroid Redirect Mission & preparations for next @Space_Station crew launch on This Week @ NASA. Watch:

Samsung isn't the only one with lithium-ion battery problems. Just ask NASA.

La NASA descubre una mano de Dios en el espacio profundo

Mercury, captured by NASA's Messenger Satellite

Violin Glacier in Greenland seen by #IceBridge; an airborne survey of polar ice: @NASA_ICE

Revealing thousands of colorful galaxies, @NASA_Hubble sees vibrant view of early universe:


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What does NASA stand for?
NASA stands for "No Aliens Seen Anywhere".
How to abbreviate "No Aliens Seen Anywhere"?
"No Aliens Seen Anywhere" can be abbreviated as NASA.
What is the meaning of NASA abbreviation?
The meaning of NASA abbreviation is "No Aliens Seen Anywhere".
What is NASA abbreviation?
One of the definitions of NASA is "No Aliens Seen Anywhere".
What does NASA mean?
NASA as abbreviation means "No Aliens Seen Anywhere".
What is shorthand of No Aliens Seen Anywhere?
The most common shorthand of "No Aliens Seen Anywhere" is NASA.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word NASA in term.