What does UGLY mean?

UGLY means U Gotta Love Yourself

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What is the abbreviation for U Gotta Love Yourself?

U Gotta Love Yourself can be abbreviated as UGLY
What does UGLY mean? It stands for U Gotta Love Yourself
UGLY - U Gotta Love Yourself in Common / Miscellaneous / Community by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having UGLY

someone attractive: ugh i'm so ugly :( me, an actual ugly person:

"you're making my face ugly by making me mad" said the four year old

Jealousy is very ugly bro

So far, the Trump administration includes white nationalist, a southern Senator with an ugly racial history, John Bolton & Giuliani.

It's cops like you that makes this world a very ugly place its a good thing I already had all my information to give him or I could've died

Everybody values honesty, until they have an ugly baby.

RT if ur ugly

why my friends always the same thing for halloween every year like wtf being ugly is getting a little old guys i think it's time to stop

Doesn't matter how attractive you are, if your personality is ugly, you're ugly

Calling someone ugly won't make you beautiful.

More Comments with UGLY...

This went from ugly to monstrous in 3.4 seconds. Trump administration is the Maserati of hate.

Elizabeth Warren lays into Trump in OH, calls him "a man with a dark and ugly soul" for birtherism.

i love halloween because i can be ugly and say it's a costume

I love you too but your face maa ugly

There were a lot of ugly Trump rallies during this campaign. Today's in New Hampshire was probably the ugliest.

. @jessebwatters : It's Going To Get Ugly When They Drain The Swamp #TrumpTransition

You visit Maiden Towers, you wear the ugly xmas jumper. #themstherules

I'm 4/4 on the ugly starbs cup pattern and my christmas heart is sad WHO GETS THE SAME CUP 4 TIMES

Everyone named him Ugly while overlooking the love he had to give


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does UGLY stand for?
UGLY stands for "U Gotta Love Yourself".
How to abbreviate "U Gotta Love Yourself"?
"U Gotta Love Yourself" can be abbreviated as UGLY.
What is the meaning of UGLY abbreviation?
The meaning of UGLY abbreviation is "U Gotta Love Yourself".
What is UGLY abbreviation?
One of the definitions of UGLY is "U Gotta Love Yourself".
What does UGLY mean?
UGLY as abbreviation means "U Gotta Love Yourself".
What is shorthand of U Gotta Love Yourself?
The most common shorthand of "U Gotta Love Yourself" is UGLY.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word UGLY in term.