What does GPS mean?

GPS means Go Perfectly Straight

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What is the abbreviation for Go Perfectly Straight?

Go Perfectly Straight can be abbreviated as GPS
What does GPS mean? It stands for Go Perfectly Straight
GPS - Go Perfectly Straight in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having GPS

CCTV, coffee machine, GPS info system in new AC-III Tier coaches of trains @RailMinIndia

Australia moves so much every year, it messes up the country's GPS coordinates.

Llegamos al #BritishGP! Y celebramos el GP 150 en #MotoGP! / #BritishGP time! We celebrate 150 GPs in #MotoGP!

Watch this hilarious demo if you still believe the new Rs 2,000-notes contain GPS-enabled chips via scroll_in

The #GearS3 has a built-in GPS, altimeter, barometer and speedometer so you can get lost without losing your way.

Australia has moved 1.5 metres in 20 years - and GPS can't keep up

Location tracking and SOS on the #GearS3 will alert your loved ones if an adventure goes off course. #GPS

Coming up on GPS: I'll be hosting another panel to discuss the big foreign policy issues facing Donald Trump when he takes office.

We are already hearing about NGC (Nano GPS Chip) technology, which can track every note

New Rs 500, Rs 2000 notes: All you need to know about the Nano GPS Chip technology (NGC) for tracking currency notes

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Fantastic!Andrews Government announces GPs in 100 schools. Looking after the health& wellbeing of our kids #springst

Police In Pa. Searching For 15-Year-Old Girl Who Cut off GPS Ankle Monitor -

Samsung's Gear S3 has GPS, LTE, and a bigger screen

The Apple Watch 2 could have a bigger battery for a GPS chip by @romaindillet

Full version of the foreign policy panel I hosted on yesterday's GPS looking at key challenges facing Donald Trump:

Wyatt Gorrill was so motivated to send a strong message to Ottawa on their forced carbon tax he didn't even need GPS

Your inductees for #RugbyHOF, continued.... @HeatherMoyse John Dawes GPS Macpherson Arthur Gould

Say hello to Samsung's Gear Fit2 and IconX! Comes with in-built GPS, a speed & duration tracker and much more.

CM @Naveen_Odisha directed Chief Secretary to initiate banking services in Panchayat offices at GPs with no bank branches 1/2


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What does GPS stand for?
GPS stands for "Go Perfectly Straight".
How to abbreviate "Go Perfectly Straight"?
"Go Perfectly Straight" can be abbreviated as GPS.
What is the meaning of GPS abbreviation?
The meaning of GPS abbreviation is "Go Perfectly Straight".
What is GPS abbreviation?
One of the definitions of GPS is "Go Perfectly Straight".
What does GPS mean?
GPS as abbreviation means "Go Perfectly Straight".
What is shorthand of Go Perfectly Straight?
The most common shorthand of "Go Perfectly Straight" is GPS.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word GPS in term.