What does NAKED mean?

NAKED means .No Attire Keep Eyes Diverted

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What is the abbreviation for .No Attire Keep Eyes Diverted?

.No Attire Keep Eyes Diverted can be abbreviated as NAKED
What does NAKED mean? It stands for .No Attire Keep Eyes Diverted
NAKED - .No Attire Keep Eyes Diverted in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having NAKED

a guy came to restock my hotel mini bar as i got into the shower but i was too awkward to speak so i just silently stood naked until he left

This naked little bird stays warm with SO many sweaters!

come to my funeral naked or don't come at all

Hearing reports that Kurt Eichenwald has been spotted roaming the streets of Branson, MO completely naked, raving incoherently about Putin.

There's only so much that the naked eye can see

Trumps cake looks like something Leslie Nielsen would fall face first into in a Naked Gun movie

I wish whenever I got naked for art the press would call it "brave" instead of "indecent exposure" and "sir this is a Halloween superstore."

Vote for someone who would never walk into a room full of NAKED TEENAGE pageant contestants so he can check them out because "he can".

Artist Illma Gore was kidnapped by her Uber driver because she painted Trump naked:

I miss @doddleoddle. But I do enjoy walking around the flat naked, blaring ridiculous Irish music at all hours & knowing my cheese is safe.

More Comments with NAKED...

How you strip with no place to stay? Sounds like you just like to dance naked at this point.

A man broke into a pizza place, stripped naked, and robbed it

A woman who was gang raped and paraded naked in public just took to the catwalk

Tennis player Genie Bouchard dressed as a naked Kim Kardashian selfie for Halloween:

Fake news alert: That photo of naked Bill Clinton? Lifted from the website of a contemporary artist

I been playing Fifa naked all dis time like a wasteman lol best start to a bday time to eat den block party

Students at Cambridge University took time out of their studies to strip naked to find out who has the "best bum"

A naked guy broke into and trashed a pizza place near Towson U. If you catch him you get free pizza for life.

The five-year-old boy stared wide-eyed at the naked woman and blurted out something pr...


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What does NAKED stand for?
NAKED stands for ".No Attire Keep Eyes Diverted".
How to abbreviate ".No Attire Keep Eyes Diverted"?
".No Attire Keep Eyes Diverted" can be abbreviated as NAKED.
What is the meaning of NAKED abbreviation?
The meaning of NAKED abbreviation is ".No Attire Keep Eyes Diverted".
What is NAKED abbreviation?
One of the definitions of NAKED is ".No Attire Keep Eyes Diverted".
What does NAKED mean?
NAKED as abbreviation means ".No Attire Keep Eyes Diverted".
What is shorthand of .No Attire Keep Eyes Diverted?
The most common shorthand of ".No Attire Keep Eyes Diverted" is NAKED.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word NAKED in term.