What does LAME mean?

LAME means Loony And Mildly Entertaining

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What is the abbreviation for Loony And Mildly Entertaining?

Loony And Mildly Entertaining can be abbreviated as LAME
What does LAME mean? It stands for Loony And Mildly Entertaining
LAME - Loony And Mildly Entertaining in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having LAME

I could never be no lame, jus not in my blood

Obama wants to push #TPP through during the lame duck period. Over 220 economics and law professors sign statement

I don't remember (in my lifetime anyway) a lame duck POTUS having a joint press conf w leader of another country to bash #PresidentElect

When 130 nat security/foreign policy officials from both parties say Trump poses a danger 2 US nat sec, screaming "Benghazi!" is quite lame.

Protestors always have lame little placards and need a good wash @Varneyco

You know how lame you gotta be for even white people to think you lame?

I am really doing these lame presstitutes with their tiny follow counts and non-existent readership a huge favor by even linking to them.

You have to be around people who will YANK YOU UP! Who are going to challenge you to get out of your lame state! #DangerOfLowExpectations

I'm not lame, I'm just incredibly amazingly uncool.

Aaron Rodgers goes trick & treat again, quick-snapping D into lame 12-man penalty ... even though Quinn tried to call time.

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Congress should pass an anti-SLAPP law in the lame duck session to protect journalists' free speech rights

I will never shut my mouth about things I feel strongly about. matter fact people that dont because they scared of losing followers are lame

How can somebody be rich and lame

Show me the people still making lame Kris Bryant jokes please.

I don't wanna have to tweet some thirsty garbage to make you guys like me. That's lame. No one is really like that.

This is the time when DC does it's greatest damage. We have an outbound President with a pen and a lame duck Congress with scores to settle.

I'm tired of the lame goodlooking boy who doesn't try any harder because he's pretty and also a man

"Why aren't you reporting on [something posted to a fake news site]!?!? Lame-stream media!!!" "Because... that's not real?"

Tom Cotton hopes lame duck @POTUS doesn't take Guantanamo Bay action | AP Photo


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What does LAME stand for?
LAME stands for "Loony And Mildly Entertaining".
How to abbreviate "Loony And Mildly Entertaining"?
"Loony And Mildly Entertaining" can be abbreviated as LAME.
What is the meaning of LAME abbreviation?
The meaning of LAME abbreviation is "Loony And Mildly Entertaining".
What is LAME abbreviation?
One of the definitions of LAME is "Loony And Mildly Entertaining".
What does LAME mean?
LAME as abbreviation means "Loony And Mildly Entertaining".
What is shorthand of Loony And Mildly Entertaining?
The most common shorthand of "Loony And Mildly Entertaining" is LAME.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word LAME in term.