What does BOY mean?

BOY means Budding-Out Youth

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What is the abbreviation for Budding-Out Youth?

Budding-Out Youth can be abbreviated as BOY
What does BOY mean? It stands for Budding-Out Youth
BOY - Budding-Out Youth in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having BOY

Biden: Oh boy, his car is here, quick let's all hide Obama: Joe pls

Oh boy. Have at it internet world.

when did this lil boy Matty B get so icy out of nowhere

Donald Trump saw a boy who was lost in New York and didn't tell anyone. Is this a man we can trust as President?

WSJ reports Trump and his campaign didn't know they had to replace entire Whitre House Staff, that they arent civil servants. Whoo-boy.

Birthday boy @LuisNani with a glorious finish against Arsenal! #MUFC

He "isn't an altar boy," Giuliani said of an unarmed black man killed by police. He was literally an altar boy:

Siri play Kiss Me Through The Phone by Soldier Boy Tell Them

That boy is a real crowd pleaser

What a finish from the birthday boy! #MUFC

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The smallest gift in the history of @realDonaldTrump's fdn: in 1989, it gave the Boy Scouts a grant of...$7.

Michelle Obama cites a 6-year-old boy who recently said "you can't be a president if you call someone a piggy." She is destroying Trump.

Pure joy. #ThursdayThoughts A priceless reaction of deaf baby boy hearing his mom's voice for first time

Zayn Malik and Law & Order creator Dick Wolf developing scripted boy band drama for NBC

HEARTWARMING: Boy, 5, running late to school stops to say Pledge of Allegiance on his own:

A stunning strike from birthday boy Mark Hughes! See more of his best #MUFC strikes on #MUTVHD from 18:00 GMT.

Trump has spent his whole life as a rich boy who could never take the word "no" for an answer. Especially from women.

Kentucky boy baptizes himself after pastor takes just a little too long.

me: Oh boy my team mate is about to get a Pentakill, I'm so excited for them! inner me: steal it.


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What does BOY stand for?
BOY stands for "Budding-Out Youth".
How to abbreviate "Budding-Out Youth"?
"Budding-Out Youth" can be abbreviated as BOY.
What is the meaning of BOY abbreviation?
The meaning of BOY abbreviation is "Budding-Out Youth".
What is BOY abbreviation?
One of the definitions of BOY is "Budding-Out Youth".
What does BOY mean?
BOY as abbreviation means "Budding-Out Youth".
What is shorthand of Budding-Out Youth?
The most common shorthand of "Budding-Out Youth" is BOY.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word BOY in term.