What does CHINA mean?

CHINA means Come Home I Need Affection

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What is the abbreviation for Come Home I Need Affection?

Come Home I Need Affection can be abbreviated as CHINA
What does CHINA mean? It stands for Come Home I Need Affection
CHINA - Come Home I Need Affection in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having CHINA

All orchestrated. Hypocrisy overload. Media complicit. Wikileaks avoidance. Clinton corruption. Post-American. China elated.

#BTS Slays The Charts In China Despite Zero Promotions In The Country

Find more gems like this in WikiLeaks' Podesta emails #China #Beijing #DRPK #PodestaEmails

I have recieved and taken calls from many foreign leaders despite what the failing @nytimes said. Russia, U.K., China, Saudi Arabia, Japan,

Well dressed woman on Upper East Side, annoyed by our stroller, yells: "Go back to China...go back to your f---ing country." #thisis2016

Good shot by Clinton: "China is dumping steel and putting U.S. steel workers out of work, and Donald is buying it." #debate

My meeting with President Xi Jinping was fruitful. We discussed various aspects of India-China ties.

North Korea begs China to stop calling Kim Jong Un fat

India is delighted to host President Xi Jinping for the @BRICS2016 Summit. May his visit further strengthen India-China relations.

The terrifying moment a toddler rides his toy car through traffic in China is caught on CCTV

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.@HillaryClinton Lawyer May Have Exposed Entire Server To China #HillaryEmails

Meanwhile, in other news tonight, @realDonaldTrump he said that if he is elected president, China will never get nuclear weapons.

NYT editor Michael Luo, born in the US, was just accosted by a stranger and told to "go back to China." We can do better than this, America.

YG's cosmetic brand 'moonshot' warns about fake G-Dragon perfume made in China

This cute hippo just loves going to the dentist #China

A backdoor in some Android phones sends all your text messages to China every 72 hours, analysts say

NYTimes reports Trump in chaos as world leaders have no way to reach him. Meanwhile back in reality, Trump lauded for Russia/China calls.

The last women with bound feet in China

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Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does CHINA stand for?
CHINA stands for "Come Home I Need Affection".
How to abbreviate "Come Home I Need Affection"?
"Come Home I Need Affection" can be abbreviated as CHINA.
What is the meaning of CHINA abbreviation?
The meaning of CHINA abbreviation is "Come Home I Need Affection".
What is CHINA abbreviation?
One of the definitions of CHINA is "Come Home I Need Affection".
What does CHINA mean?
CHINA as abbreviation means "Come Home I Need Affection".
What is shorthand of Come Home I Need Affection?
The most common shorthand of "Come Home I Need Affection" is CHINA.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word CHINA in term.