What does CHEF mean?

CHEF means Creating Heavenly Extraordinary Food

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What is the abbreviation for Creating Heavenly Extraordinary Food?

Creating Heavenly Extraordinary Food can be abbreviated as CHEF
What does CHEF mean? It stands for Creating Heavenly Extraordinary Food
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Comments having CHEF

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What does CHEF stand for?
CHEF stands for "Creating Heavenly Extraordinary Food".
How to abbreviate "Creating Heavenly Extraordinary Food"?
"Creating Heavenly Extraordinary Food" can be abbreviated as CHEF.
What is the meaning of CHEF abbreviation?
The meaning of CHEF abbreviation is "Creating Heavenly Extraordinary Food".
What is CHEF abbreviation?
One of the definitions of CHEF is "Creating Heavenly Extraordinary Food".
What does CHEF mean?
CHEF as abbreviation means "Creating Heavenly Extraordinary Food".
What is shorthand of Creating Heavenly Extraordinary Food?
The most common shorthand of "Creating Heavenly Extraordinary Food" is CHEF.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word CHEF in term.