What does IPOD mean?

IPOD means Intuitive Playlist Organizing Device

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What is the abbreviation for Intuitive Playlist Organizing Device?

Intuitive Playlist Organizing Device can be abbreviated as IPOD
What does IPOD mean? It stands for Intuitive Playlist Organizing Device
IPOD - Intuitive Playlist Organizing Device in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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I do appreciate the new definition of "leaked" emails. Years ago, I "leaked" an iPod after someone broke into my house.

do people actually still buy songs on itunes like u realize u can get them all for free unless u still have an ipod nano or something

#TBT: To 1956 when it took four men and a truck to transport 5MB of memory - or the equivalent of 1 song on an iPod.

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Happy 15th Birthday, iPod

The iPod was released by Apple and Steve Jobs 15 years ago this week.

What's on my iPod pre-show-Curitiba, Brasil. @soundgarden #Seattle

I used to film all my Vines with just an old iPod touch

@blakeshelton Thank you for your kind words today. Yes- Finally new music. Btw-your on my iPod as well- #Austin #IfImHonest #olred #country

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Twitter is acting like a kid who really thought they were gonna get an iPhone for Christmas, but got an iPod shuffle instead.

November 10, 2001, @Apple began selling the iPod, forever changing the music industry.

All the Nintendo / Apple stuff is cool n all but I haven't had anything Apple related since the iPod video was a thing Been all Android

15 years ago today, the first iPod went on sale. Critics agreed it was too pricey to catch on.

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From the NPR archives (circa 2007): A phone that triples as an iPod, a PDA and a camera. @lifetronics @mgodoyh

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What does IPOD stand for?
IPOD stands for "Intuitive Playlist Organizing Device".
How to abbreviate "Intuitive Playlist Organizing Device"?
"Intuitive Playlist Organizing Device" can be abbreviated as IPOD.
What is the meaning of IPOD abbreviation?
The meaning of IPOD abbreviation is "Intuitive Playlist Organizing Device".
What is IPOD abbreviation?
One of the definitions of IPOD is "Intuitive Playlist Organizing Device".
What does IPOD mean?
IPOD as abbreviation means "Intuitive Playlist Organizing Device".
What is shorthand of Intuitive Playlist Organizing Device?
The most common shorthand of "Intuitive Playlist Organizing Device" is IPOD.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word IPOD in term.