What does GM mean?

GM means General Maintenance Aptitude Area

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What is the abbreviation for General Maintenance Aptitude Area?

General Maintenance Aptitude Area can be abbreviated as GM
What does GM mean? It stands for General Maintenance Aptitude Area
GM - General Maintenance Aptitude Area in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Meanwhile, under OBAMA (thanks to Bill Clinton) "GM plans to sell Buicks made in China to Americans" August 18, 2015

Obama lying @ Trump wanting auto cos to go bankrupt. Trump: "The survival of GM Ford and Chrysler= important to the long-term health of US."

#Raptors GM Masai Ujiri: "I want to thank Donald Trump for making Toronto an unbelievable sports destination."

#TBLightning captain Steven Stamkos is out indefinitely with a lateral meniscus tear, per GM Steve Yzerman.

One more time: It didn't take anything special to end the Cubs' 108-year WS drought. Only the greatest Gm 7 ever!

Cowboys owner/GM Jerry Jones says QB Tony Romo will be active next week vs the Ravens.. ..as Dak Prescott's backup.

Safe to say @MaryseMizanin and @mikethemiz are NOT the biggest fans of #SDLive GM @WWEDanielBryan... #TalkingSmack

#Dodgers view Ian Kinsler as a fit for their roster, but they did not have substantive talks with #Tigers at GM Meetings, sources say. @MLB

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"I'm in a glass case of emotion!" The Anchorman mashup w/ Gm 7 of the #WorldSeries that you've all been waiting for

Despite a down season, @nyjets' GM is not regretting signing @Revis24:

So, Pres Trump-- Whaddya going do? GM to lay off 2,000 workers at plants in MichiganOhio |

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What does GM stand for?
GM stands for "General Maintenance Aptitude Area".
How to abbreviate "General Maintenance Aptitude Area"?
"General Maintenance Aptitude Area" can be abbreviated as GM.
What is the meaning of GM abbreviation?
The meaning of GM abbreviation is "General Maintenance Aptitude Area".
What is GM abbreviation?
One of the definitions of GM is "General Maintenance Aptitude Area".
What does GM mean?
GM as abbreviation means "General Maintenance Aptitude Area".
What is shorthand of General Maintenance Aptitude Area?
The most common shorthand of "General Maintenance Aptitude Area" is GM.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word GM in term.