What does DODGE mean?

DODGE means Dead On Day Guarantee Expires

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What is the abbreviation for Dead On Day Guarantee Expires?

Dead On Day Guarantee Expires can be abbreviated as DODGE
What does DODGE mean? It stands for Dead On Day Guarantee Expires
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Comments having DODGE

why spend $60k on a corvette when u can buy a dodge neon & smoke $59,800 worth of weed in it

Trump's possib tax dodge tactic is at the top of the front page of today's @nytimes. This article is on p. 19

80. Trump bought jewelry in Manhattan, then colluded with the store to ship empty boxes out of state so he could dodge New York sales tax.

Trump's "business skills": * be born rich * get "loans" from dad * invest badly * stiff & threaten workers * go bankrupt a lot * dodge taxes

Muscle redefined. (Photo credit: Brad C.) #ThatsMyDodge

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Staged and ready to launch at the Dodge NHRA Nationals.

Prediction: several important members of Team Trump will be lucky to dodge prosecution under the Espionage Act in 2017.

2 injured as aircraft takes evasive action to dodge "UFO" near Toronto

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Rebirth of a legend. (Photo credit: Mike L.) #ThatsMyDodge

Are you Dodge material?

RT if you see the beauty in this Dodge Daytona. #JayLenosGarage

Awkward to see Sen. Bob Corker repeatedly dodge the question of whether he has confidence in Trump to be commander in chief @Morning_Joe.

Plum Crazy Bee. (Photo credit: Nichole W.) #ThatsMyDodge

gop has expanded "im not a scientist" dodge to everything

[STATEMENT] #StateCapture: Zuma lies to dodge answering question on Mcebisi Jonas & Guptas -

Knicks dodge a bullet, survive late Pistons comeback effort 105-102 on Kristaps Porzingis' career-high 35 points. Melo had 22, Rose 15.

Silver Alert: Sander Adams, 75, last seen @ Houston in green 2000 Dodge Ram w/Texas plate # DRF3856. Info? Call 911.


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What does DODGE stand for?
DODGE stands for "Dead On Day Guarantee Expires".
How to abbreviate "Dead On Day Guarantee Expires"?
"Dead On Day Guarantee Expires" can be abbreviated as DODGE.
What is the meaning of DODGE abbreviation?
The meaning of DODGE abbreviation is "Dead On Day Guarantee Expires".
What is DODGE abbreviation?
One of the definitions of DODGE is "Dead On Day Guarantee Expires".
What does DODGE mean?
DODGE as abbreviation means "Dead On Day Guarantee Expires".
What is shorthand of Dead On Day Guarantee Expires?
The most common shorthand of "Dead On Day Guarantee Expires" is DODGE.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word DODGE in term.