What does HOPE mean?

HOPE means Have Only Positive Expectations

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What is the abbreviation for Have Only Positive Expectations?

Have Only Positive Expectations can be abbreviated as HOPE
What does HOPE mean? It stands for Have Only Positive Expectations
HOPE - Have Only Positive Expectations in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having HOPE

I hope today we defeat Donald Trump and we defeat him badly.

If Soulja Boy and Lil Yacthy make diss tracks I hope they just email em to each other. Keep our ears out of this.

Today is an election of enormous consequence. I hope everybody gets out to vote. #ElectionDay

Is this Brexit day in the US? I hope so.

Have a ton happening today & the next few days so much to share with you & hope you guys can stay up with me tonight #IlluminateAtMidnight

Annd thats insane. I can't believe Ruin is out. Worked on that song for SO long. I love it so much, i hope you guys dig!

My dear fans, I appreciate much that you worry about me, thank you! I'm now back in Manchester for treatment and hope to be fit very soon!

Don't let past mistakes make you lose hope of achieving good. Some of those with the worst past have made a great future for themselves.

I personally know both candidates;Have for years; Not hard choice. Neither are perfect-nor am I, but voted Trump w/o hesitation. Hope you do

1/ Something really really scary appeared to have just happened and I hope people understand why it matters amidst all the other chaos.

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Here's our tribute to the events of last week and the last year in general. Hope you enjoy it...

Wow Freaknight that was so much fun!! I hope you guys liked my Halloween outfit lol :)

Do Albuquerque New Mexico fuk wit Donald trump? I hope not y'all 2 close 2 Mexico

Trump looked into @60Minutes camera, told his supporters carrying out racial attacks, "Stop it!" Good. Needs to do more. I hope they listen.

But let's bring ppl into America we cannot vet and hope for the best as Christian refugees are left to die.

"@slh: I follow Mr.Trump at all of his rallies by watching them on He is a lion-hearted warrior, who inspires hope

In Trump/Bannon's first openly anti-Semitic act, they blatantly and with malice aforethought called Israel a "beacon of hope." My God.

So far only one person is in the audience at @FestivalSupreme. Hope more show up!

There have been sickening acts of hate all across this country. We need Mr. Trump to lead. I hope he will.


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What does HOPE stand for?
HOPE stands for "Have Only Positive Expectations".
How to abbreviate "Have Only Positive Expectations"?
"Have Only Positive Expectations" can be abbreviated as HOPE.
What is the meaning of HOPE abbreviation?
The meaning of HOPE abbreviation is "Have Only Positive Expectations".
What is HOPE abbreviation?
One of the definitions of HOPE is "Have Only Positive Expectations".
What does HOPE mean?
HOPE as abbreviation means "Have Only Positive Expectations".
What is shorthand of Have Only Positive Expectations?
The most common shorthand of "Have Only Positive Expectations" is HOPE.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word HOPE in term.