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1C Satellite Controller    
AAF Army Airfield    
AAM Army Achievement Medal    
AAR After-Action Review (formerly After-Action Report); Air-to-Air Receive; Air-to-Air Refueling; Aircraft Accident Report    
ABN Airborne    
AC Aircraft Commander    
ACE Ask Chief Everything    
ACU Army Combat Uniform    
AFES Army and Air Force Exchange Service    
AIT Advanced Individual Training    
AIT Advanced Infantry Training    
ALICE All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment    
AN Army/Navy; See JETDS    
ANCOC Advanced Noncommissioned Officer Course    
AO Area of operations    
AOO Aviation Ordnance Officer    
AOR Area of Responsibility. The assigned area to any given unit.    
APC armored personnel carrier    
APFT Army Physical Fitness Test    
ARCAM Army Reserve Component Achievement Medal    
ARCOM Army Commendation Medal    
ARFORGEN Army Force Generation    
ARMY Aren't Ready to be Marines Yet    
ARMY AF Rejected Me Yesterday    
ASCC Army Service Component Command    
ASCC Army Service Component Commander (US)    
ASI Additional Skill Identifier    
ASOC Air Support Operations Center    
ASW average surface wind (US DoD)    
ASW Anti-Submarine Warfare    
ATAM Air-To-Air Missile    
AVF All-Volunteer Force    
AWR Air Worthiness Release    
B/N Bombardier/Navigator    
BAH Basic Allowance for Housing    
BAM Broad-Ass Marine    
BAMs Broad-Ass Marines    
BAQ Basic Aircraft Qualification    
BCT Basic Combat Training (familiarly Basic Training Or Basic)    
BCT Brigade Combat Team    
BDU Battle-Dress Uniform; Bomb Dummy Units    
BEQ Bachelor Enlisted Quarters (US DoD)    
BN Battalion    
BNCOC Basic Noncommissioned Officer Course    
BOG Beach Operations Group    
BOSS Being on Ships Sucks    
BRM Basic Rifle Marksmanship    
BSB Base Support Battalion    
BUFF Big Ugly Fucking Forklift    
BWT Battlefield Weather Team