What does COA mean?

COA means Course Of Action

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What is the abbreviation for Course Of Action?

3 ways to abbreviate Course Of Action
Course Of Action can be abbreviated as COA
Other shorthands for Course Of Action are: CA, COAs
What does COA mean? It stands for Course Of Action
COA - Course Of Action in Governmental & Military by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having COA

selamat tidur, semoga tidur kalian tidak diganggu oknumoknum jahat seperti nyamuk, cicak, coa

If Nigel Hayes is "Broke" then what happened to his scholarship check and his $5200 COA check?

Donald Trump wins support from Native American coalition

The #SuperSockoSale is 3 DAYS AWAY through @ProWrestlingTs - just $24.99 for autographed socko & singed (by me) COA.

Obama Admin Used Tax Return Info To Market Obamacare, Cause Of Action (CoA) Says

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Having fun in the US. Hitting Canada soon and making our way to the West Coa....

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The COA ordered officials of the Office of the President (OP) during Estrada's time to reimburse government P25.5M

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It's the FINAL 2 DAYS of the GLOBAL #SuperSockoSale! Just $25 for an autographed sock with signed COA.

According to COA, the PCSO had P429.82 million in questionable allowances to its officials and employees in 2015

Gezamenlijke voortvarende aanpak van COA, IND, DT&V, lokaal gezag, politie, OM & rechter werpt eerste vruchten af.

Women's Wonder Woman rain coat

Este viernes se inaugura la central Coa Codo Sinclair-->>

The petitioners say they were not given enough time to appeal the COA order.

Community #cancer clinic closings are up 121% says new COA report.

When I was a fellow at @eji_org, I remember watching counsel for #TommyArthur argue for DNA testing before the COA.


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What does COA stand for?
COA stands for "Course Of Action".
How to abbreviate "Course Of Action"?
"Course Of Action" can be abbreviated as COA.
What is the meaning of COA abbreviation?
The meaning of COA abbreviation is "Course Of Action".
What is COA abbreviation?
One of the definitions of COA is "Course Of Action".
What does COA mean?
COA as abbreviation means "Course Of Action".
What is shorthand of Course Of Action?
The most common shorthand of "Course Of Action" is COA.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word COA in term.