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3M Maintenance And Material Management (MMM)    
3MC Maintenance Material Management Coordinator    
AAE Army Acquisition Executive    
AAR After Action Review    
AAW Anti-Air Warfare    
ABCS (U.S.) Army Battle Command System    
ACAT Acquisition Category    
ACC Aircraft Controlling Custodian    
ACTD An Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration    
ADA Acquisition Decision Authority    
AEL Allowance Equipment List    
AFATDS Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System    
AFFF Aqueous Film-Forming Foam    
AIMD Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department    
AIS ABCS Information Server    
AMDWS Air and Missile Defense Work Station    
APL Allowance Parts List    
APM Assistant Program Manager    
APML Assistant Project Manager for Logistics    
APS Army Pre-Positioned Stocks    
ASAS All-Source Analysis System    
ASAU Air Search and Attack Unit    
ASUW Anti-surface Warfare    
ASW Anti-Submarine Warfare    
ASWO Anti-Submarine Warfare Officers    
ATAC Automated Tracking and Control    
ATD Advanced Technology Demonstration    
autec Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center's    
AUTOSERD Automated Support Equipment Requirements Document    
AUXO Auxiliaries Officer    
AWE Advanced Warfighting Experiment    
BB Battleship    
BCM Beyond Capability of Maintenance    
BCS3 Battle Command Sustainment Support System    
BCT Brigade Combat Team    
BCTP Battle Command Training Program    
BDI Balkan Digitization Initiative    
BER Beyond Economic Repair    
BFA Battlefield Functional Area    
BFT Blue Force Tracking    
BMOW Boatswain's Mate Of the Watch    
BOS Battlefield Operating System    
BUMED U.S. Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery    
BUPERS Bureau of Naval Personnel    
c3 Coalition Staff Operations and Training Officer    
C4I Command, Control, Communications, Computers, & Intelligence    
CA Heavy Cruiser    
CAG Carrier Air Group    
CAG Guided Missile Heavy Cruiser    
CAIMS Conventional Ammunition Integrated Management System