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Look through 45 acronyms and abbreviations related to Army slang:

ACE Ask Chief Everything    
ARMY AF Rejected Me Yesterday    
ARMY Aren't Ready to be Marines Yet    
BAM Broad-Ass Marine    
BAMs Broad-Ass Marines    
BOSS Being on Ships Sucks    
BUFF Big Ugly Fucking Forklift    
CUNT Civilian Under Navel Training    
cya Cover Your Associates    
DEH Don't Expect Help    
DICK Dedicated Infantry Combat Killer (used In Infantry Training)    
EUSTIS Even Uncle Sam Thinks It Sucks    
F.A.R.T. Flatulent Airborne Reaction Team    
FIDO Fuck It, Drive On (a waste of time/hoax ambulance all)    
FIFO Fit In or Fuck Off    
FIGMO Fuck It, Got My Orders    
FILTAB Fuck it, let's take a break    
KMD Kiss My Dick    
LGH Let's Go Home    
LLMF Lost Like a Mother Fucker    
LOST Looking Over Strange Terrain :-)    
MARINE Muscles Are Required, Intelligence Not Essential    
MARINES My Ass Rides In Navy Equipment, Sir    
MRE Meals Rejected by Ethiopians    
MRE Meals Rejected by the Enemy    
NAVY Need Any Vaseline Yet?    
NAVY Never Again Volunteer Yourself    
NBC No Body Cares    
OMGIF Oh My God, I'm Fucked    
PENIS Pointless Exercise Not Involving Soldiers    
PFC Proud Fucking Civilian    
s&e Salute 'N Execute    
s&g Shits 'N Giggles    
SHIT Special High-Intensity Training    
SOS Shit On a Shingle    
spfo Some Place Fucking Off    
SWAG Scientific Wild Ass Guess    
Tewt Training Exercise Without Troops    
TURD Trainee Under Rigid Discipline    
USARMY Used, Screwed, And Released My Ass, Yep    
USARMY Uncle Sam Ain't Released Me Yet    
USCG Uncle Sam's Confused Group    
USMC U Suckers Missed Christmas    
USMC Uncle Sam's Misguided Children    
YMRASU Yes My Retarded Ass Signed Up