What does IQ mean?

IQ means Intelligence Quotient

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What is the abbreviation for Intelligence Quotient?

3 ways to abbreviate Intelligence Quotient
Intelligence Quotient can be abbreviated as IQ
Other shorthands for Intelligence Quotient are: IQs, IQ
What does IQ mean? It stands for Intelligence Quotient
IQ - Intelligence Quotient in Scientific & Educational by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having IQ

Chris Paul's basketball IQ remains remarkably genius. Dude is ALWAYS one step ahead.

Some people act like they literally know everything when in reality they have the IQ of a raisin

#KnuckleheadJoe Biden memes ///The irony is that we like them better than the double digit IQ #Liberals!

"Monstrously naive." Sure. #PeterThiel's IQ is that of your top 3 staffers combined.

Look man, this is history's IQ test for America. Don't interfere.

Oh and if you are going to vote for Hillary at least have the IQ to admit you KNOW you're actually voting for him

'you are a journo with low IQ or a politician with an agenda or a politician with low IQ or a journo with an agenda'

Women have a slightly higher average IQ than men.

Your "I CAN" is more important than your IQ.

We need backbench MPs to face mandatory IQ checks

More Comments with IQ...

If I had one election wish it would be for Trump to lose. But if I had two I'd wish for him to gain the emotional IQ to feel sad about it.

How low does your IQ have to be to find this funny/entertaining?

You really have to have either (a) bad vision or (b) a very low IQ to fall for THAT hoax on Twitter.

Presenter humiliated after saying Trump supporters need IQ TEST as she thought mic was off

I'm not saying we should have IQ tests for voting but

El "baseball IQ" (coeficiente intelectual para jugar pelota) de @Lindor12BC y @javy23baez excede sus otras grandes herramientas.

Every Bengals bettor sitting +1.5 or better just felt their heart skip a beat...and remain thankful the Bengals lack of football IQ = W

Can this dinosaur brain fossil unlock the mystery of dinosaur IQ?

Anthony Davis on Tim Frazier's savvy fake to get foul for deciding free throws: "That was a great job, a high basketball IQ to draw that."


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What does IQ stand for?
IQ stands for "Intelligence Quotient".
How to abbreviate "Intelligence Quotient"?
"Intelligence Quotient" can be abbreviated as IQ.
What is the meaning of IQ abbreviation?
The meaning of IQ abbreviation is "Intelligence Quotient".
What is IQ abbreviation?
One of the definitions of IQ is "Intelligence Quotient".
What does IQ mean?
IQ as abbreviation means "Intelligence Quotient".
What is shorthand of Intelligence Quotient?
The most common shorthand of "Intelligence Quotient" is IQ.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word IQ in term.