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1 :1 One-to-one relationship    
1 :M One-to-Many relationship    
1 PPS One Pulse Per Second    
16PF Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire    
2D Two-Dimensional    
2H Second Half    
3D Three Dimensional    
3D Palair Macedonian    
4-MASt 4-MAST group    
4D Four-Dimensional    
4D FMS 4D Flight Management System    
4D-NAV 4D Navigation    
4DTN 4D Trajectory Negotiation    
5-SRSWG 5-States Route Structure Working Group    
5-ST-RSG 5-States Route Structure Group    
5-STRSSG 5-States Route Structure Steering Group    
5LNC Five Letter Name Code    
8.33 CP 8.33 Contact Person    
8.33 PMC 8.33 Programme Management Cell    
8.33 State A State initially implementing 8.33 kHz channel spacing    
a Aeroplane    
A Ampere    
A SMGCS Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control Systems    
A&E Architecture and Engineering    
A&F IFALPA Administration & Finance Committee    
A&P Airframe & Powerplant    
A-VASIS Advanced Visual Approach Slope Indicator System    
A-VDGS Advanced-Visual Docking Guidance System    
A/A Air-to-Air    
A/A Air/Air    
A/C Aircraft    
A/C Aircraft Commander    
A/D Analog-to-Digital    
A/D Converter Analogue-to Digital Converter    
A/G Air/Ground    
A/G Air-Ground    
A/H Altitude/Height    
A/I Accident/Incident    
A/l Anti-ice    
A/N Arrival Notice    
A/P Autopilot    
A/S Alongside    
A/T autothrottle    
A01 Automated Observation Without Precipitation Discriminator    
A02 Automated Observation With Precipitation Discriminator    
AA Always Afloat    
AAA Aesean Airline Association    
AAA Airport Airspace Analysis    
AAA Asian Airliners Association