What does ABT mean?

ABT means About

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What is the abbreviation for About?

About can be abbreviated as ABT
What does ABT mean? It stands for About
ABT - About in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having ABT

Has @JeffFlake or @LindseyGrahamSC or @JebBush or @JohnKasich said anything abt Hillary over past 48 hrs?

Snowden told us truth abt NSA collecting data, James Clapper lied abt it under oath to Congress. Guess which one got in trouble.

3 Qs Modi ji- 2) Pl provide a list of ur friends whom u told abt this decision before ur announcement on 8 Nov

to clarify: FBI never comments on ongoing investigations, unless it's abt Clinton emails or Clinton Foundation, and its days before election

Elections are not abt selecting a perfect savior but a serviceable public servant. And in this case, defending democracy against destruction

Protestor interviewed on @cnn about 1/2 hr ago mindlessly mouthed platitudes abt stopping Trump's "racism, intolerance & fascism."

New email shows then-CNN contributor Donna Brazile giving 2nd town hall Q (abt Flint) to Clinton camp. She denied in past; what will CNN do?

ann coulter wrote a pro-mccarthy book michelle malkin wrote "in defense of internment" no, i dont think its hyperbole to freak out abt trump

If U didn't @realDonaldTrump was serious abt protecting Americans and the borders > Jeff Sessions < as AG should wake you up #AmericaFirst

We urge you to be very discreet abt your Aadhaar & other identity documents. Do not share the document no. or a printed copy with anyone 1/3

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I'll be on @ac360 w/ @andersoncooper talking abt this: How Bannon flattered & coaxed @realdonaldTrump in 1on1 talks.

Can PTI win the case from here?Can they still defeat sharif family in the Court?watch wht Babar sattar thinks abt it

Are PTI lawyers responsible for what happened in court?Is PTI's case very strong otherwise?Asked Babar sattar abt it

Flynn's Turkey lobby tie "raise questions abt whether Flynn is even eligible to continue to receive national sec briefings at this point."

I don't even blame folks for what they weren't taught in schools I'm concerned abt the lack of intellectual curiosity in adulthood

Of 700-800 cr worth of terror funds, Northeast militants utilise abt Rs 350-400 crore, Naxalites 300-350 cr & jihadis/Khalistanis 10 cr: MHA

Hearing great reviews abt #AYM and #SSSMovie. Congrats @menongautham @iam_str @mohan_manjima @chay_akkineni @arrahman Cant wait to catch it

In 1st 4 days (from Nov 10-13,upto 5 pm) abt Rs 3.0 lacs crores of old Rs 500/1000 bank notes have been deposited in banking system..(ctd)

Hey @Twitter, thanks for sending me a message abt Trump voters reporting me for "hate speech", you all are the real heroes


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What does ABT stand for?
ABT stands for "About".
How to abbreviate "About"?
"About" can be abbreviated as ABT.
What is the meaning of ABT abbreviation?
The meaning of ABT abbreviation is "About".
What is ABT abbreviation?
One of the definitions of ABT is "About".
What does ABT mean?
ABT as abbreviation means "About".
What is shorthand of About?
The most common shorthand of "About" is ABT.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word ABT in term.