What does AB mean?

AB means About

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What is the abbreviation for About?

About can be abbreviated as AB
What does AB mean? It stands for About
AB - About in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having AB

Dekho SULTAN ab digital pe. On @iTunes Google Play: #SultanOnDigital

I ask a simple question on Twitter, where is Najeeb, and get abused! Maybe my friend @ravishndtv was right: ab poochna bhee mana hai!

LET'S FOOTBA...uhhh guys? (via ab/Instagram)

Ben ALWAYS finds AB.

[NEW] @rapsody "2 AM" ft. Ab-Soul (prod. by @KHRYSIS & @9thwonder)

Waqt kehta hai, Ab Phir Nahi Aaonga. #Satyavachan

Danny Brown drops a hottttttt posse track with Kendrick Lamar, Ab Soul, Earl Sweat:

Der neue SPIEGEL. Ab jetzt zum Download, ab morgen am Kiosk:

With the Olympic's in Paris in 2024, RWC 2023 must be on its way to Ireland. How good would that be?Imagine watching the AB's down the Pairc

Mera imran khan ko mashora hy k Ab Waqt agaya hy Bani Gala sy nechay ajana chae,log ab ap ka intezar kar rhy hain

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Adam Wainwright is up to 18 RBIs this year - most by any pitcher since Bob Gibson in 1970. FWIW Billy Hamilton has 17 RBIs in 411 AB

Top Dawg CEO demands that Ab-Soul turn in his album

Chori or looti hue dolat ko wapus nahi laogay to khana jangi he hogi Ab parhay likhay logo ka dor hy in k Mazaro ka nahi

Der neue SPIEGEL! Ab sofort zum Download unter und morgen am Zeitungskiosk.

Jason Heyward hit three balls in that AB: 106.1 MPH 101.8 MPH 103.2 MPH

Bwhaha. I'll never forget midnight call where AB & I discussed the 1st Weiner crotch shot & I wrote up the most bizarre story of my career.

"This is the best move for both sides right now." - @AdamSchefter on new AB deal

Business is booming for AB as he gets a $4 million raise.

Feedback zu "Mittelblinker zum Signalisieren von Geradeausfahrten wird ab 2017 Pflicht"


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does AB stand for?
AB stands for "About".
How to abbreviate "About"?
"About" can be abbreviated as AB.
What is the meaning of AB abbreviation?
The meaning of AB abbreviation is "About".
What is AB abbreviation?
One of the definitions of AB is "About".
What does AB mean?
AB as abbreviation means "About".
What is shorthand of About?
The most common shorthand of "About" is AB.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word AB in term.