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* Born    
A Acre    
A About    
A Ante    
a Age    
a.a.r against all risks    
a.c account current    
a.c attested copy    
A.K.A Also Known As    
a.l.s autographed letter signed    
a.o account of    
a.w.c administration with will and codicil annexed    
AAGRA Australasian Association of Genealogists and Record Agents    
AAS American Antiquarian Society    
AAS Anno Aetatis Suae (Died in the year of (his/her) age)    
AASP American Antiquarian Society Proceedings    
AB About    
abbr Abbreviation    
ABD Abdicated    
ABP Archbishop    
ABR Abridged    
ABS Abstract    
ABSTR Abstract    
ABT About    
AC Ante Christum    
AC ancestor chart    
ACAD Academy    
ACC According    
ACC ACCording to ....    
Acc Account    
acco account    
accu accurate    
ackd acknowledged    
ACTG Acting    
ad Anno Domino    
Ad adopted    
AdCl adopted child    
AdD adopted daughter    
ADJ Adjourned    
ADJ Adjutant    
ADM Admission    
Admon letters of administration    
ADMR Administrator    
admr administration    
ADMX Administratrix    
ADS AD Sectam (at the suit of ....)    
AET Aetatis (about the age of ....)    
af affidavit    
AFFT Affidavit