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AAA Amended meteorological message    
AAAS American Association for the Advancement of Science    
AAL Above Aerodrome Level    
AAWU Alaskan Aviation Weather Unit    
ABNDT Abundant    
ABNML Abnormal    
ABT About    
ABV Above    
AC Anticipated Convection Outlook    
AC Altocumulus    
ACARS ARINC Communications Addressing and Reporting System    
ACC Area Control Center    
ACCAS Altocumulus Castellanus    
ACCID Notification of an aircraft accident    
ACCUM Accumulate    
ACFT Aircraft    
ACK Acknowledge (telecommunications; Cf. NAK)    
ACLT Accelerate    
ACLTD Accelerated    
ACLTG Accelerating    
ACLTS Accelerates    
ACPT Accept    
ACPY Accompany    
ACRS Across    
ACSL Altocumulus Standing Lenticular    
ACT Active    
ACTV Active    
ACTVTY Activity    
ACYC Anticyclone    
AD Aerodrome    
ADA Advisory Area    
ADDN Addition    
ADDS Aviation Digital Data Service    
ADJ Adjacent    
ADL Additional    
ADM Administrative Messages    
ADQT Adequate    
ADQTLY Adequately    
ADR Advisory Route    
ADRNDCK Adirondack    
Advct Advect    
ADVCTD Advected    
ADVCTG Advecting    
ADVCTN Advection    
Advcts Advects    
ADVIS Headwater Advisory Program    
ADVN Advance    
ADVNG Advancing    
ADVS Advisory Service    
ADVY Advisory