What does F mean?

F means Female

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What is the abbreviation for Female?

Female can be abbreviated as F
Other shorthands for Female are: FEE, FEM, fe, GYN-
What does F mean? It stands for Female
F - Female in Governmental & Military by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having F

"because our children are listening" right Hillary?Jay Z drops the n-word, f-bomb during concert for Hillary Clinton

Read the police report from when the new WH chief strategist Stephen Bannon was charged with domestic violence:

Let me be clear, every time one of you tells me to STFU, I grow more motivated and determined to STAND THE F*CK UP!

2/2: @11thHour @AC360 re: social media my kids read their mom is piece of s**t, wh*re, f*ck myself, stupid b*tch, liar, & worse. Your fans.

This post mortem by the left is classic. They'll know how we've felt for the last 8 yrs. As Obama said in 08, we won

I'll take Door number 2, please. Oh 4 years of this? F*ck.

Buenos Aires is really second to none! Bravo River Plate! Estadio Monumental...f*ckin BRAVO!

One third of young adults would miss Instagram if they had no data! RT & F to enter to #Win a GoPro. Closes 4pm today #PlusnetMobile

What Hillary Wants For America: Migrant Cuts Line, Calls Swedish Woman 'A F***ing Whore'.

I hate it when autocorrect changes a word and ruins a good joke. Like FOR F**K SAKE AUTOCORRECT. IM F**KING HILARIOUS AND YOU RUINED IT.

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Keep a very tight circle, no hard feelings I just know who I F*** with heavy.

Hillary's hypocrisy has no bounds Jay Z drops the n-word, f-bomb during concert for Hillary Clinton via @bi_politics

Why people are saying f*ck Donald Trump.

Me "Maybe I should go cap B flag and stop the spawn trap" Inner me "F*ck the flags get clips"

A lot of ppl don't know this but the F in Weezy F Baby is actually for Foreign policy.

This just makes my f***ing blood boil! Fix it Jesus. No, strike that. Fix it Justice Dept.!!!

Hillary doesn't seem to mind the n-word and the f-bomb being used on stage at her rally:

De Blasio staffer under fire after posting photo of 'f--- whiteness' sign



Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does F stand for?
F stands for "Female".
How to abbreviate "Female"?
"Female" can be abbreviated as F.
What is the meaning of F abbreviation?
The meaning of F abbreviation is "Female".
What is F abbreviation?
One of the definitions of F is "Female".
What does F mean?
F as abbreviation means "Female".
What is shorthand of Female?
The most common shorthand of "Female" is F.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word F in term.