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& Ampersand    
19T Going to get an alcoholic beverage after a game of golf. The 19th T or the 19th Hole.    
22K 22 Karat    
2IC Twenty First Century    
4K Four Thousand    
4K 4,000 pixels    
6X6 Heavy Duty six-wheeled, six cylinder Army troop transport    
86 Cancel (not an acronym)    
9mm 9 millimeter    
9Q4 Nine Quit Four    
@ about    
A Another    
A Ages    
A Awesome    
A Asexual    
A Appropriate    
A Accusative    
A Alternative    
A/K/A Also known as    
A/S All-Season    
aa Annual Accounts    
AA Acronyms and Abbreviations    
AA Alcoholics Anonymous    
AAA American Automobile Association    
aacg Application Access Controls Governor    
AADLP Asociación de Automovilismo Deportivo La Paz    
AAPM Adjective Accusative Plural Masculine    
AATIN Almighty's Action Time Is Now    
AB Ajduckiewicz Bar    
AB Always Been    
abbr Abbreviation    
ABBRV Abbreviation    
ABBV ABBreViations    
ABCU Animals Byelaws Coroners Unit    
Abr Abrasion Gum    
ABRVS Abbreviations    
ACE Accent and Conversational English    
ACL All Clear    
ACRONYMS & ABBREVIATIONS Letters, icons, numerals, punctuation, abbreviated Upper/lower case display of intelligence/indicating a resource which offers an expanded, enlarged, greater in-depth meaning for entity presented in first stage of communique:    
ADD'L Additional    
ADG Air-Driven Generator    
ADI Attitude direction indicator    
ADIDAS All Day I Dream About Sex    
ADJ Adjective    
Adj. adjective    
adl a dog's life    
ADM Alpha Delta Mu    
ADM Agency Debit Memo    
ADRF Air Data Reference Function    
ADS Advertisements